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Lexi’s 13th Birthday PIctures

Last Friday, Lexi (my sister) wanted me to take some pictures of her to use for her 13th birthday party.  So, when we both were ready, we headed outside for some pictures!

Lexi found this flower before we began our “photo shoot” and she wanted me to take a picture of it.

I must say that it matched her fingernail polish very well! :)

I took Lexi to some places where I wanted to take a few pictures.  On another photographer’s website I had read how the eye naturally follows lines in your pictures.  So, I wanted to find some “lines” to lead people’s eyes to Lexi’s face.  (The article was very interesting…if you want to read it go here!)  So I picked the porch railing because of all the “lines” associated with a porch!
Lexi is so photogenic…I could take pictures of her all day!

Lexi picked the next photo spot and she picked the greenest spot in our backyard! :)
I hardly had to tell her to do any of these poses!  She had so many ideas up her sleeve that all I had to do was snap picture after picture! :)
I love all those little circles in the wood behind her!!
This picture (and the one below) of Lexi in the grass are some of my favorites!  I suggested that Lexi lay in the grass for me and she was like “That was what I was just going to do!”  Great minds think alike, right? :)
In this grassy picture I was laying flat on my stomach…completely level with Lexi!  It was a lot of fun laying in the grass taking pictures! ;)
And the last picture of Lexi for this post!

Delighting in Jesus,
Kimber :)

60mm Micro Lens Pictures

Well, on Tuesday this week Daddy took me to Ritz Camera and we bought the 60mm AF-S Micro NIKKOR 1:2.8 G lens!  Immediately after we bought it, Daddy took me over to Lewis Ginter to take some pictures!  It cost too much to walk through the gardens for just a few, quick pictures, so we just took pictures of the plants and animals outside the gardens…around the parking lots.
I’ve seperated this post into sections, just to make it easy!
This first section is entitled:
Leaves and Other Plant Paraphernalia.
This plant reminds me of some sort of elephant ear.  It was so pretty!

 Okay, I really like this plant!
But on to more pictures! :)
A holly leaf.
 I love how the sun reflects off of the points on the other leaves in the background, making those nice round circles that I think are called bokeh.
This plant reminds me of an exploding star.
I’m just posting this picture because of the extremely vivid teal colors.  Wow!  :)
An acorn. :)
Another one of those evergreen plants.
This plant was one of those furry caterpillar-looking plants.  They are so fuzzy! :)
And now to the next section of this post entitled:
One of these butterflies isn’t being very friendly… :-D
And another detail butterfly shot!
While I was taking these pictures, I was sometimes only about 2-3 inches away from the butterflies (and other subjects)!  Thankfully Jesus sent a few that weren’t skittish, so I could get their pictures! :)
I couldn’t decide between the above picture and the one below…I’ll let you decide which one you like best! :)
I love how you can see the butterfly’s proboscis drinking nectar out of this tiny flower.  It’s amazing how intricate God designed everything! :)
This picture was taken on the way home Tuesday afternoon.  Daddy was stopping everywhere along the road (yes, even our main road 360) when he saw a flower.  :)  I’ve got such an enthusiastic Daddy who makes it real easy for me to photograph things!  (Sometimes I think he’s more enthusiastic than me. :)
This was the only monarch butterfly that posed long enough for me.  All the others flew away when they saw me coming! ;)

The next category is:


These flowers remind me of tiger lilies!

 Flower buds!

Hibiscus petals against a blue sky.

Of course, I can’t get past this category without the picture of the all-famous clover flower!  ;)

Part of a hibiscus.

The flowers from this picture, and the one below, were at the entrance of a neighborhood.  Daddy pulled over as we were driving along, so I could take some pictures of the flowers.  I have such a wonderful Daddy! :)

The next category is:

I love how the sun glistens on the bee’s wings! :)

Some sort of fly.

This moth was clinging onto a blade of grass on our pasture land.

Blogger decided to flip this picture, when it wasn’t supposed to be.  Sorry about that! :)

Okay, this really is the last picture of this moth!

While I was taking pictures of this moth Daddy told me to look where I was.  I was about 2 inches away from this little guy, and I was so close that my lens hood was covering him!  So, yes, this really is a micro lens!


A little bug!

As I was climbing back into the car after photographing some of the above creatures, we found that a dragonfly had somehow flown into our car and been trapped!  Perfect photo opportunity!  So, once the dragonfly called down a bit, Daddy got him to stay on his fingers so I could take some pictures!

It is amazing how interesting dragonflies are!

I can’t get over how pretty the sun is on insects’ wings! :)

And my last picture of this dragonfly.

After his own mini-photo-session, Mr. Dragonfly was set free!

Back to some more insects!

A country grasshopper.

My siblings had found 3 of these caterpillars, and since I returned home with my micro lens, they wanted me to get some pictures of them!

I love their colors!

Lexi showing to you one of her many talents!

Whenever you mess with the caterpillars they stick up these horns…it’s really neat!

Daddy also brought in a cicada for me to take pictures of.  We thought it was dead but after touching it, and then leaving it alone, it got up and flew all around the kitchen where we were.  It sent just about everybody into a panic.  :-D

Once again, Daddy found this creature, on the same night he found the cicada!  Jesus obviously put lots of little insects in Dad’s path, so I could get their pictures! :)

I think this is one of my favorites from the entire day!

The more I play with the micro lens the more I’m amazed at how God made everything so intricate and unique.  Just look at the insects!  We have an amazing designer that I love very much! :)

Kimber :)

P.S. – The 60mm micro works great as a portrait lens too.  Here is Daddy posing for me:

P.S.S. – Above all I’m really pleased with my new lens!  It takes great pictures – micro and portrait – and I think I’ll be using it often from now on! :)