Monthly Archives: January 2011

Frozen Ice Droplets (and some new info)

 This morning before breakfast I saw these beautiful water droplets hanging off a metal pole and I just had to go take pictures!  (Have you heard that before?)

This is my favorite photo of the ice droplets!  It looks metallic, doesn’t it? 
Well, since I’m here I might as well say that I’m formulating a new design for my blog/website.  I haven’t figured it out quite yet but I’m getting there…and I’m excited about it!! :) 
(I know I’ve had the sign that says “Blog under Construction” up for awhile and I’ve hardly done anything to the blog…FYI, the blog is under construction in my head.  I just haven’t put my ideas onto the actual blog yet! :) 
Truthfully, I’m still tossing up whether to get a website or just stick with a blog.  Money-wise the free blog is winning currently! :) :)
SO, if you come on my blog one day and it just looks totally weird please ignore…I’m working on it! :) 
Okay, I said what I wanted to say!
Now you all have a blessed day! :)
Kimber :)
the poet who didn’t know it