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Ice at Wintergreen

You’ve probably figured out by now that I went to Wintergreen!  Yep, my uncle and his family took me to Wintergreen last week (Wed. – Fri.).  They went skiing on Thursday (I watched my cousins, Cadence, Justus and Asher) and then they took me tubing Thursday night.  It was so much fun!!!  As we drove up to our house on Wednesday it was snowing and we ended up with 3-4 inches of snow!  Thursday afternoon, when the little ones were sleeping and Uncle Kevin was working, I went outside and captured some of the beautiful scenery around the little house we were staying in!

I absolutely love snow; sparkly, fluffy and altogether lots of fun!

Isn’t it so neat how each icicle is shaped a little different?!
Snow and ice on a fence.

This icicle was hanging on the grill and the sun was shining brilliantly through it.  As I was taking pictures of it I noticed that it was melting!   I got really excited because I had wanted to try and capture water droplets before but had never had the chance!  So, I held the shutter button down and took lots of pictures of the icicle as it slowly melted!  
Here are two of the results:

  Isn’t that so neat!?  I couldn’t decide which one I liked the best so I leave that choice up to you!  (I’m leaning towards the photo on the left as my favorite!)
Anyways,there are a few of the many pictures I took of the ice and snow at our vacation home in Wintergreen!  There is a slight possibility that I’ll post some pictures of my two little cousins playing in the snow too! :)
Have a blessed day!
Kimber :)