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Lots and Lots of Yellow Flowers!

If you love the color yellow, this post is for you!  For some reason the flowers we have blooming now are almost all yellow (which the exception of my lovely roses ;)!! 
We planted sunflowers a few years ago, and haven’t planted any since, but every year we get beautiful sunflowers!  We think that the birds who eat the seeds must spill some on the ground where they wait to germinate until the next year.  :)
 Lots of bright yellow! :)

The other yellow flowers around our home are from some wildflower seeds Mama “planted”.  They’re quite beautiful, too! :)

This next photo is probably one of my favorites:
I just love when the sun illuminates flowers and I liked how I got a little sun flare in the bottom right corner! :)
I hope you all are having a great summer!
Kimber :)

Hannah’s 17th Birthday Portraits

My lovely sister, Hannah, turned 17 years old yesterday!!
Two days ago my cousins, Kaitlyn and Sarah, were over and Kaitlyn decided to straighten Hannah’s hair.  (Not an easy task, if you’ve seen my sister’s voluminous amounts of hair!! ;)
After over an hour of straightening, Kaitlyn and Lexi dressed and “beautified” Hannah. :)  Next, of course, came the pictures! :)
I have a slight obsession with Hannah’s eyelashes…they are so long! :)

 So pretty!!

This is Hannah’s genuine, all-natural smile. :)

The big bay window in our room made for some beautiful portraits! :) :)

We call this the “model look.” ;)

It was lots of fun posing Hannah and laughing with her throughout our mini photo-shoot.  Kaitlyn and Lexi were great helps to me in holding up backgrounds and keeping Hannah laughing (which isn’t hard to do :).

It was Kaitlyn’s idea to put our green avocado plant behind Hannah for some of the pictures.  The plant added a nice, natural touch! ;)

Isn’t she pretty?! :)

What’s even better about Hannah is that she’s even more gorgeous on the inside!!  She has a huge heart for the people around her and she loves Jesus Christ so much!  She daily demonstrates efficiency and kindness in our family and loves helping Daddy with anything he needs.  From the Master Chinese Chef in our family to the first person up every day, she quietly leads by example.

I will never, ever ask for a better older sister…because there is none to be found.  I love you Hannah and wish you a wonderful yet belated 17th birthday!
Kimber :)

Fuzzy Dandelions

As I was trying to figure out what the below plants were called, I asked my sister, Hannah, and she said “Dandelions.”  I was like “Dandelions??  Those yellow flowers?  This doesn’t look like a dandelion?!”  
So she said “Why don’t you look it up on Google?”  I followed her advice, and lo and behold, she was right!!! :) 
I thought dandelions were those slightly uninteresting, bright yellow flowers. 
Lesson of the day: dandelions have more than one form! :)

Personally I love this form much better than the yellow flower!  
Who doesn’t like fluffy white things?! :)

Dandelions (in the form pictured) have always amazed me.  One of my favorite things to do when I was younger (and sometimes now ;) is to see if I can blow the little seeds off the plant. :)  Daddy, being a landscaper, always playfully calls out “No, no, no!” as I blow the seeds away.  (Dandelions are not the lawn care workers best friend! ;)

One last little note:  a website I just looked at said the yellow dandelion flower is the yellow composite flower and the white, fluffy balls are the dandelion’s seed head.
Okay, the science lesson is over! :)  
Have a great night!
Kimber :)

2 Rose Photos!!!

An unfurling bud!

My rose plant is so pretty!  Right now I have 2 full-bloomed roses and so many more buds coming!  It’s so exciting! :)
I just love being able to cut off a rose and put it in a vase on our table or give it to someone at church.  It’s great! :)
The finished product!!