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Grant and Courtney are Married!!!

Grant and Courtney were married on a beautiful day in April.  The sun was shining brilliantly, chasing away the nip of chilliness in the air.  As Courtney prepared for that beautiful moment when she would walk down the aisle to meet her groom, she paced the room where she had been getting ready.  Yep, she was nervous (who wouldn’t be?)!

Then it came time for her to walk down the aisleway to meet her husband.  I don’t think her smile could’ve been any more sweeter or happier.  This was the moment she had been waiting for!
Grant and Courtney, as I watched you love together I was so blessed.  Thank you for letting me be a part of your day…it meant a lot!
 Of course, there is no better way to start a post than with pictures of flowers, right?!
 Getting ready!

 Getting the wreath just right!

 What a beautiful bride!!
Last minute adjustments…

Courtney and her maid of honor (as well as sister), Jaime.

 Before we knew it, the ceremony was beginning!
Just gorgeous, Jaime!!

Grant’s younger brother, Keenan, was his best man.

 And then came the bride!!
I love watching the groom’s face when he sees his bride for the first time!

Grant and Courtney wrote their vows and said them to each other.
Exchanging rings.

Then it came time for a very special thing:
Grant and Courtney’s first kiss…ever!

After the recessional, the bridal party and parents of the bride and groom formed a greeting line and said hello to everyone who attended.

Jaime is my sister, Alexis’, best friend, so I had to post this picture of them hugging. :)

After everyone had been through the greeting line, I got to take Grant and Courtney away for some bride & groom pictures before the reception.  I love when the bride and groom set aside time just for pictures of the two of them together!  It’s one of my favorite parts of the wedding day!

 Love all of these!!

Just-married couples hardly ever stop smiling.  :)

 Beautiful couple, right here. :)

Courtney did what few brides dare to do…sat in mulch…in her white dress…just for pictures!!  You’re great, Courtney!!

After about 15-20 min. of bride & groom pictures, the couple was introduced to the guests at the reception as Mr. and Mrs. Grant Hayes!!!

 Courtney and Grant then proceeded to have their first dance together, as a married couple, and it was precious, to say the least.

 I was so excited that Grant and Courtney had a “first dance”.  Courtney wasn’t sure she wanted to at first, but I’m so glad she did…I think the first dance is one of the best parts of the wedding day!  The last few weddings I’ve been to/photographed didn’t have a first dance and I missed them.  :)

I couldn’t narrow down my favorites from their first dance…I liked too many of them!

After the first dance, everyone proceeded to grab some of the food that had been prepared!  It was all delicious!

What a cute little guy!!

 This punch was absolutely delicious!! (I’m a huge punch fan. :)

 There were tables and chairs, as well as picnic blankets, for the guests.

It was such a beautiful day!!

The food after the damage had been done. :)

 After everyone had eaten their full, the best man gave a toast.

 The whole toast was about how Keenan never would’ve guessed that showing Grant something (a game) on the internet would lead to meeting a special someone (Courtney), which would then lead to their marriage.  :)

Love how all of their hands are similar. :)

After the toast, the cake was cut!

All-time favorite cake topper right here. :)

 The cake was extremely delicious!!

A little while after the cake, it was time for Grant and Courtney to leave for their honeymoon.  While they were getting changed into some comfier clothes, I took some pictures of their rings.

Once I finished taking ring photos, I went to find where everyone had disappeared to.  I soon found some of them decorating the newlywed’s honeymoon car!

Everyone was then given some colored bags of rice to throw at the newlyweds as they made their way to the car.  :)

 Here they come!  Ready set….

 …pelt them! :)

Yes, they made it safely to their car. :)

And off they went to live happily ever after!

Kimber :)

Reflections on Growing Up

I don’t really know who reads this blog, so I’m not sure how many of you know that I’m graduating this year.  
I’m only 16 (I’ll be 16 1/2 when I “officially” graduate) but Mama started schooling me at the same time she started my older sister, Hannah, so I get to finish early. :) 
It’s a crazy thing for me…graduating.  I’ve looked forward to this my entire life and, now that it’s so close, I want to pull back and slow down these last weeks of school.  But I also have those days that I get very excited that I’ll be done with school soon!  The thought that after we graduate at the 2012 HEAV Homeschool Convention, I won’t have to do Science, History, Math, WriteShop, etc. 4-5 days a week is mind-boggling.  I spend a lot of time in school and what in the world am I going to do with that free time?
One thing I know for sure, I’m going to try my hardest not to waste time.  And I’m not going to quit learning.  I never want to be a good-for-nothing teenager that is only a draw on her parents and family…no!  My parents have given me so much and I’m not going to leech off of them when they’ve done so much for me already.
 I have many ideas as to what to do and I’m excited about what the Lord has for me after high school.
But I’m also nervous about graduating.
All I’ve known consistently for 16 years of my life has been my family, my Lord, and school.  And, by June, most of my school will be over…forever.  I mean, I might take some more classes just for fun, but the major hunk of schoolwork is over.
When I was younger I thought that people who graduated were no longer a little kid or teenger…now they are mature young adults.  (I know now that graduating, in and of itself, doesn’t make you mature but it does help.)   The whole thought of me no longer being a young, carefree person is so weird.  I’ve always been young (funny how you start out like that ;) and now I’m graduating…and that means I’m not so young anymore.
It’s just the realization that I’m no longer a little kid that hits me the hardest.   I’m not 100% totally dependent on Mama and Daddy anymore.  I’m becoming my own person.  
No, I’m not moving out of the house or going to college.  I’m not moving out of the house because I absolutely love my family, couldn’t stand living apart from them just to “have my own place”, and I want to be a bigger help to them now that I’ll be graduated.  I want to help Mama school the younger ones, help Daddy out more, invest in where we live currently (it’s gonna’ be flower heaven over here!), etc.  And I’m not going to college because, as Daddy says, college is just a place where you pay exorbitant amounts of money to have someone make sure you read your books and pass the tests.  If we had the same books a college had and an insatiable desire to learn, we could learn just as much and more, without the price tag.   (College is such a hot topic with lots of people…they act like you’re an alien from a distant cosmos when you say you’re not going to college.  Just because someone doesn’t want to go to college doesn’t automatically make them dumb, stupid, and useless!!  College does have its purposes and we’re not totally against them…I’m just not going.  All the things I want to do I can learn how to do very easily right here at home.  Besides, what I want to be most of all, a wife and mother, the professors at college cannot give degrees for.  I’ve got the perfect college professor for mothering/homemaking right here….her name is Mama!)
Anyways, I guess the other hard-hitting thing for me is the fact that I only have a few years left with my family.  I have no idea when (and if) the Lord will bring my future husband along, but…it could end up being 15, 20, or even 30 years before I could get married but chances are it’ll be before then.  And there’s no guarantee I’m going to get married but I have a reason why I think I will (but I’m not going to tell you :).  The oddest thought is that I could be married in 2-3 years at the earliest.  Just thinking about that is totally weird to me.  2 or 3 years?  Yikes!!  I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be that soon, but it’s still weird to think about. :) 
My years as a single lady are, most likely, numbered.  Am I doing everything to utilize these years for God’s glory?
Anyways, I just felt like typing up my thoughts…thank you for enduring this post. :)

  I really love where I am right now in life.  I could be a little picky and say some things I’d like changed, but I’m not going to complain.  I’m totally happy with where God has me!  Once I graduate, it’ll be so exciting to see what else He has in store for me!
Kimber :)

What I Love: BlogStompl

I know I’ve mentioned Katelyn James on my blog before, because she is one of my all-time favorite photographers!  Anyways, she did a review on some things that save her time in her photography business and BlogStomp was one of them!  I read her post and wanted to try it out, so I asked Daddy if I could try the free download and he said yes!  The free trial downloaded really fast and I immediately set to work…well, more like fun!  I loved it!  I could get so many more pictures organized quicker and better!  Perfect!  I put a few frames together and uploaded one to this blog just to see how fast it would upload.  Voila!  In a few seconds it was uploaded…and I usually have to wait a minute or two for each picture because I don’t resize them for the web (shame on me, I know).  Every time you import the pictures into BlogStomp they are automatically resized for the web…it’s amazing.  And the import into BlogStomp is amazingly quick…you hardly even notice it!
Anyways, BlogStomp was so great that after a few minutes of playing with it, I knew I wanted it.  I got permission from Mama (Daddy was at work and since I was paying…who cares? :) and immediately bought it.  It’s that great.
So, if there are any photographers (or bloggers) out there who spend a lot of time figuring out which pictures to upload and how to organize them once they’re on your post…you should try BlogStomp!  I think you will be amazed at the time and sweat it will save you!!  (It also saves your readers from having to scroll through gazillions of pictures because you condense a few pictures to one frame.)  For example, I usually spend at least an hour or two on every photo shoot post.  I want to say the right things, organize the pictures well, and provide captions that aren’t sloppy or just plain weird.  So, anything that will save me time on the actual post is wonderful…thus, my love for BlogStomp!
Another BlogStomp bonus is that you can easily add your logo to every picture you “Stomp”, so when your pictures are on the web no one can copy them without your name being on them.  As soon as I get my new website/blog/logo I will start adding my logo to every picture!!
And just one more great thing about BlogStomp:  it’s cheap.  Like, only $49 and that’s nothing in the photography world!
If you’re still unconvinced, please read Katelyn James’ post here or check out BlogStomp’s free tutorial here as well.  I trust you will not be disappointed!
Kimber :)