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Recently an extended family member came and talked with me.  She told me about how she had shown my website to a girl that was engaged.  Then she proceeded to tell me that the girl said there was just “Too much stuff in the picture”.  (I never found out what picture she was talking about…I don’t even know if it was one picture or all of my pictures, but anywho…)  My relative took me to pinterest and showed me some pictures that were composed better than whatever picture she was talking about.

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I know many people hate snow.  The cold, the mess.  That is not me…I love snow!  Seeing that pure white beauty never gets old for me.  Sure, I’m not a fan when it melts (and the mess that ensues) but I love it while it lasts.  :)

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I was having the h2013-01-17_001ardest time coming up with something relatively short to write up for a post this week.  I can easily spend 1-2 hours per post (especially if it’s in-depth, as in a lens review), and today I wasn’t feeling like spending that much time on one.  Then it hit me…review Scott Kelby’s Digital Photography Books!

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I have lots of goals this year, which is a good and bad thing.  Good in that I know I have many things I need to improve but bad because there‘s a smaller chance of me actually reaching all of them by next year!  :)  But, goals are just that…goals, not rules I have to obey to the letter.

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Remember Becky and Chris? I had the honor to be their wedding photographer on their big day that happened this past August. Well, Becky called me up around Thanksgiving and asked me if I could take some pictures of them to put on a Christmas card. I was wondering why they didn’t just use their wedding pictures, until she said that there was a new member in the family! They got a puppy! They named him Walter and he is the tiniest dog I’ve ever seen (I think he was two pounds when I saw him last).

Anyways, enjoy some quick photos of the Hagler family. I know it’s past Christmas but I miss it already, so why not post some Christmas pics?


2013-01-02_024Super cute!




Kimber :)