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This past August, I was blessed with my first bridal shoot!  I had never done bridal portraits before, so I was initally nervous.  However, after I finished, I found out that bridals are one of my favorite things to shoot…I get to photograph a stunning, excited soon-to-be-bride non-stop for 1 hour, while talking all about her wedding and fiance.  What else could be better?

Samantha was married this past weekend in the OBX and it was such a joy to take her bridal portraits!  Samantha has such a beautiful smile and easy-going personality, which makes her extremely easy to photograph!  She’s gorgeous to boot, too! :)

Enjoy my favorites!!



You’re probably wondering who that scary man is behind Samantha. That’s my Uncle! :) You see Mama’s brother, Sean (the man above), married Amanda, who is Samantha’s sister. Got it?
We took Samantha’s bridal portraits at my uncle’s house and at a park nearby. Uncle Sean is tons of fun, so I had to add him in at least one photo. :)



I loved the simplicity and uniqueness of Samantha’s dress. But what I loved most about it was that it was the same dress Samantha’s mom wore for her wedding! I think it’s so neat when a daughter wears her Mama’s dress. :)



This one’s a favorite! Samantha, you have such a beautiful smile!!

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Just one more favorite! :)

Just one more favorite! :)

Kimber :)

This is the second year in a row that I’ve been privileged with taking the Jackson’s family pictures.

We’ve only known the Jacksons for about two years, but in that time they’ve become one of our favorite families.  Continue reading