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Todd and Samantha were married this past Saturday!  Their day was full of joy, excitement and a whole lot of gorgeousness. :)

Enjoy my favorites!

2013-11-14_0009 2013-11-14_0011 2013-11-14_0010

I loved their fall wedding theme!!2013-11-14_0013 2013-11-14_0012 2013-11-14_0008

Meet the bridal party!!


2013-11-14_0003 2013-11-14_0005 2013-11-14_0001

Admiring the bling. :)

2013-11-14_0004 2013-11-14_0007 2013-11-14_0006

The ring bearer and flower girls were the cutest!!

After the bridal party pictures, I had Samantha and Todd all to myself for a few minutes!  I loved taking their portraits, and was soon convinced that they’d be great models. :)

2013-11-14_0020 2013-11-14_0021

Oh my goodness…Samantha and Todd…you are one gorgeous couple!


2013-11-14_0022 2013-11-14_0017 2013-11-14_0023 2013-11-14_0019 2013-11-14_0024

Before we knew it, it was time for the ceremony!

2013-11-14_0027 2013-11-14_0028 2013-11-14_0029 2013-11-14_0030 2013-11-14_0031 2013-11-14_0032

Husband and wife!!!

2013-11-14_0033 2013-11-14_0034 2013-11-14_0036 2013-11-14_0035



These little girls danced all night long. :)

2013-11-14_0039 2013-11-14_0040


First dance!!!

2013-11-14_0042 2013-11-14_0043


I loved the Daddy-Daughter (and Mother-Son) dance!  They both made me cry. :)

2013-11-14_0045 2013-11-14_0046 2013-11-14_0047 2013-11-14_0048


After the dances, came the toasts and they made people laugh and cry…

2013-11-14_0050 2013-11-14_0051 2013-11-14_0052 2013-11-14_0053

And then the dance floor opened up!!

2013-11-14_0054 2013-11-14_0055

2013-11-14_0056 2013-11-14_0058


First time “dipping” and they rocked it! :)

2013-11-14_0057 2013-11-14_0059 2013-11-14_0060 2013-11-14_0061 2013-11-14_0062 2013-11-14_0063


2013-11-14_0064 2013-11-14_0065 2013-11-14_0067

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Westfall!!

Kimber :)

For over a year now, I’ve had the privilege of teaching two children, Luke and Ellen Schermerhorn, school three days a week.  I’ve learned a lot from the experience and I’ve been blessed a million times over by the Schermerhorn’s love and generosity.  They have the biggest hearts I’ve ever known and they love the Lord and others with all they have, thereby blessing everyone they come into contact with.

I was so blessed to get to capture who they are as a family last week.  Enjoy some of my favorite pictures!


Meet Luke and Ellen, my students. :)

2013-11-11_0001 2013-11-11_0002



This is so typical of their relationship. :)


The Schermerhorns live on acres of property next to the Chickahominy River.  Their property is a photographer’s dream. :)


Oh, what a great couple!!

2013-11-11_0007 2013-11-11_0012


We had to get a picture with the family dogs, Ruby (right) and Chyna (left).

2013-11-11_0014 2013-11-11_0015 2013-11-11_0017 2013-11-11_0016 2013-11-11_0018


Kimber :)

Last week I had the immense privilege of photographing my little cousin, Cameron.  He had turned 2 years old a few weeks before and I was so excited at the opportunity to take his pictures! He is such a precious little guy and I really enjoyed photographing him!  Caleb (my brother) came along for the day, and was a huge help for the pictures.

Enjoy my favorites of little Cameron!!


This is one of the first pictures I took of Cameron.  If you haven’t melted already, now is a good time. :)

2013-11-04_0025 2013-11-04_0026

Oh my goodness, he’s such a little cutie!!


I was so excited when I saw these trees near Cameron’s home.  Fall is such a great time for pictures!!

2013-11-04_0028 2013-11-04_0029

Ahh!!  He’s so precious!!

2013-11-04_0030 2013-11-04_0032 2013-11-04_0031 2013-11-04_0033

2013-11-04_0034 2013-11-04_0036 2013-11-04_0037 2013-11-04_0038

Kimber :)