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Hannah, if you don’t know already, is my sister.  My only older sister and my best friend.  We’ve been like two peas in a pod since I entered the world.  We have done almost everything together…we went through the same grades together, we graduated together, we share the same clothes, and sometimes we say the same thing at the same time.

And this sister of mine is now engaged and getting married.

And moving to NE.

Um, yes, I said that correctly.  Nebraska.  Like 10 miles away from the geographic center of the United States, Nebraska.  Like flat plains, kind people, small towns, weather-beaten farmers, Nebraska.

I think the longest we had been apart pre-Dylan was a day or two.

Being away from Hannah had been a long struggle for me at the beginning of Dylan and Hannah’s courtship…falling asleep without Hannah in her bunkbed next to me, sitting at the dinner table with her seat next to me empty, being the first one downstairs in the morning and Hannah never appearing, riding in the van to church and Hannah missing from our happy family, brought tears to my eyes many times.  When I wanted her there, sometimes she wasn’t.  And that was a first.

But you know why Hannah was missing in those times?  Because she’s followed after Jesus’ heart and Jesus has blessed one of the dreams of her heart…to meet and marry a man of God.  So she wasn’t really missing, she had just moved on to a new stage of life…and this time it was something I couldn’t do with her.

She was off in NE and FL getting to know Dylan and his family and touching all the lives around her.  She was seeking the Lord and getting ready to move onto another stage of her life.  And that is a wonderful, wonderful thing!!

Dylan has given me hope.  He’s younger than Hannah but he’s mature, has a job, respects his parents, loves his siblings, has some country in him, holds to a high standard for purity, works hard, but, most importantly, he has a heart for Jesus.  And it’s been an amazing thing to watch him and Hannah seek out the Lord’s will for their lives. What’s most exciting, though, is that it’s obvious the Lord wants them together!!

Hannah and Dylan were engaged in November and it’s so much fun to tease the two of them about being in love!  I couldn’t have asked for a better brother-in-law and in just 38 days Hannah and Dylan will be getting married!

I took some engagement photos for them while we were visiting in NE.  This photo shoot was a big challenge for me, as a photographer, because Dylan and Hannah have decided not to touch until their wedding day.  As a photographer, one of the ways you capture love is through physical touch and that was not an option for their photo shoot.  I had to get a little creative but it was good for me!

Enjoy these photos of the lovebirds. :)

2014-03-03_0016 2014-03-03_0017

Are they adorable or what?!!


Yes, Dylan did good on that ring!!

2014-03-03_0018 2014-03-03_0019 2014-03-03_0020

We took their engagement photos on two seperate days.  The first day we had a beautiful sunset (above) and the second day there was snow on the ground!  Dylan and Hannah were such great subjects…they did everything I asked and never once complained about the freezing cold. :)

2014-03-03_0021 2014-03-03_0027 2014-03-03_0022

This was Hannah’s idea and it’s one of my favorites!  It does look like they’re touching but they really aren’t…promise!!

2014-03-03_0024 2014-03-03_0028 2014-03-03_0023 2014-03-03_0025

Kimber :)