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My best friend (who also happens to be my eldest sister :) was married April 19th.  Their wedding day was full of the Lord and surrounded by family and friends we all love.  It was definitely my favorite wedding to date!   The thing about Hannah and Dylan’s wedding that was so different from all I’ve been a part of/attended was this:  they didn’t touch until they were at the altar.   I was the Maid of Honor so I was privileged to be up close and personal for the ceremony.  I saw a tear escape down Dylan’s face as Hannah slowly walked towards him.  I saw the utter excitement and joy when Dylan touched Hannah’s hands for the first time (and whispered longingly “I really want to kiss you!”).  I watched as Dylan and Hannah pledged, before God and everyone there, to love and cherish each other til death do them part, all the while gazing at each other with the sweetest, purest affection.  I dropped one of the two curtains that closed the happy couple for a few minutes alone to share their first kiss…and then when the best man and I tried to open the curtains Dylan’s strong hand held those curtains together *really* tight, prolonging his few precious moments alone with his beloved.  When those curtains lifted I was so blessed to see my sister the happiest she’s ever been…I have never seen her more excited, cherished, or loved.

And when they kissed in front of everyone…no words can express it.  The best way I can attempt to describe it would be this:  pure, unbridled passion.  Passion for the one they’ve prayed for, prepared for, saved everything for, and waited their whole life for. What a beautiful thing God does when He draws two hearts together!!

As the maid of honor, I couldn’t take many photos myself so I only have a few ring shots and bride and groom pictures to share with you.  Nevertheless, I hope the photos I do have of their wedding day effectively capture the beauty that comes from a relationship founded on the solid rock of Jesus Christ…and of love that is bigger than just a feeling.

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