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I’ve known Jimbo ever since I was a little girl.  We went to the same church and I remember watching him in youth group (I’m 7 years younger :) and speaking with his parents every now and then.  Over the last two years I’ve gone with his parents on two mission trips and I love them both.  They are the sweetest couple. :)   But back to Jimbo!

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I’m so excited that I can finally share Hannah’s bridals!  We took these photos 2 weeks before her wedding and the Lord gave us the perfect day for some beautiful light!  Add beautiful light with a radiant subject and a picturesque park and I couldn’t be happier!

2014-04-25_0001 2014-04-25_0002 2014-04-25_0003 2014-04-25_0004 2014-04-25_0005 2014-04-25_0006


2014-04-25_0007 2014-04-25_0008 2014-04-25_0009


The above photo is the one Hannah chose for her bridal canvas. :)




So I couldn’t resist ending the post with two pictures of Hannah with Cassilyn and then with me.  I love my sister!


Kimber :)