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I have been so blessed to photograph the Blue family two times before this year.  They are one of the sweetest, most beautiful families I’ve ever had a chance to photograph and I always love getting them in front of my camera again!

The last time I took their family photos, Lily was a baby and this year they had a new baby: River!

Enjoy the beautiful Blue family! :)

2014-10-30_0006 2014-10-30_0011 2014-10-30_0002 2014-10-30_0012 2014-10-30_0005 2014-10-30_0010 2014-10-30_0003 2014-10-30_0009 2014-10-30_0017 2014-10-30_0008 2014-10-30_0018 2014-10-30_0004 2014-10-30_0013 2014-10-30_0007 2014-10-30_0014 2014-10-30_0019 2014-10-30_0015 2014-10-30_0001 2014-10-30_0016

We ended the photo shoot with some play time in the woods and on the trampoline.  I think the kids enjoyed this part best. :)

2014-10-30_0020 2014-10-30_0021 2014-10-30_0023 2014-10-30_0022

Kimber :)

I’ve been so blessed to know Nick and Becca before they were even married!  They entrusted their wedding photos to me, as well as those of their firstborn son, Jeremiah.  This past weekend I was so blessed to be able to capture their family again with their newest addition, little Moriah.   I love watching families grow!!

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