For over a year now I’ve had my name on a list of photographers willing to photograph a military homecoming pro bono.  I thought that when I put my name on that list I’d have a homecoming to photograph in just days.  Well, I was way wrong.  A year passed and I still hadn’t heard from any military wives but I kept hoping and praying someone would contact me soon.

In late November, I had my first contact from a sweet lady named Karly!  I responded (with plenty of exclamation marks!) as soon as I saw her email.  Nevertheless, another photographer Karly had also contacted about doing homecoming photos responded before me.  So, Karly went with that photographer but said that she passed my name onto her friend and I should hear from her soon.  I checked my email constantly over the next few days and was so excited when Chelsea contacted me!  We emailed back and forth and one Sunday we talked on the phone for about 30 minutes.   I got the story of how Chelsea and Parker met and fell in love, heard about their dog, Jenny (a.k.a. brown dog :), and got some details on how military homecomings work.  When I got off the phone with Chelsea I was even more excited for this homecoming!  One of my dreams was coming true and I was so happy I’d get to document something so special for Chelsea and Parker.

The day of Parker’s homecoming arrived and I met Chelsea at 6:30 am in Norfolk.  We then drove onto the base following behind Karly and her photographer.

We arrived at the squadron about an hour and a half early so we went inside for a little bit first.

2016-12-31_0001 2016-12-31_0002

Chelsea kept an eye out for the rain.  It had been forecasted most of the morning but, when we first arrived, it hadn’t started yet.


Eventually we moved down to the hangar as the homecoming time drew closer.

2016-12-31_0004 2016-12-31_0005

Chelsea and Karly made the cutest signs to welcome their guys home!


And I’m convinced Chelsea is the cutest pregnant lady ever. :)

When Parker was deployed Chelsea didn’t know she was pregnant.  She found out 10 days later and shared the good news with Parker over FaceTime.  Chelsea’s pregnancy made the homecoming even more special as Parker had never seen Chelsea 31 weeks pregnant before!

2016-12-31_0007 2016-12-31_0008 2016-12-31_0009 2016-12-31_0010 2016-12-31_0011 2016-12-31_0012 2016-12-31_0013

The military wives and friends talked as they waited for their spouses to arrive.  In the midst of these conversations, Chelsea would stare out longingly to the horizon, her eyes just searching for that plane that would bring Parker home to her.

2016-12-31_0014 2016-12-31_0015 2016-12-31_0016 2016-12-31_0017

After some time Chelsea and her friend, Karly, saw a plane land and rushed over to the edge of the hangar with their signs.  Their men would be here soon!

2016-12-31_0018 2016-12-31_0019 2016-12-31_0020

There it is!!

2016-12-31_0021 2016-12-31_0022 2016-12-31_0023

The excited tension in the air just kept growing as the plane drew nearer and nearer.

2016-12-31_0024 2016-12-31_0025 2016-12-31_0026 2016-12-31_0027

And Parker was home!

2016-12-31_0028 2016-12-31_0029 2016-12-31_0030 2016-12-31_0031 2016-12-31_0032 2016-12-31_0033

Baby bump admiration time :)

2016-12-31_0034 2016-12-31_0035 2016-12-31_0036 2016-12-31_0037

Chelsea and Parker were interviewed by Channel 3 and then we got back to more pictures. :)

2016-12-31_0038 2016-12-31_0039 2016-12-31_0040 2016-12-31_0041 2016-12-31_0042 2016-12-31_0043 2016-12-31_0044 2016-12-31_0045

Parker and Chelsea, thinking back to this homecoming still warms my heart and puts a smile on my face.  Thank you for letting me be there to capture something so special.  I hope and pray these pictures adequately captured the love and commitment you two share.

Kimber :)

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