Sweet, little Hadasash Rae Jackson was born in my family’s house in the very room I sleep in!  Now some of you may be weirded out by that but I see it more as a privilege…a new life was brought into this world in the very place I call “home”.  How neat is that?!  (Granted we don’t open our home for random strangers to come and have their babies…this was for our friends, the Jacksons, whom we love and have known for a few years now. :)

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For 3 years now I’ve helped home school two kids from my church, Luke and Ellen.  Their family is super sweet and treats me like their daughter/sister. :)  Mr. and Mrs. Schermerhorn are the most generous people you will ever meet and love the Lord and people with all they are.

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Well the Grim family are troopers.  Last year I was scheduled to photograph their 1 month old son, Matthias, and my camera broke down a few days before their photo shoot.  I didn’t have enough time to get it fixed beforehand and, if we waited to get it fixed, Matthias would no longer be quite as tiny and “newborn”.

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Photography has that wonderful ability to capture moments, preserve memories, and create a photographic legacy for generations to come.

Capturing the same family year after year after year after year is probably my favorite thing to do in photography for those above listed reasons.   This is my 4th consecutive year taking the Jackson’s family photos.  2012 was my first year and I was honored to do them every year afterwards and then just last week.  We met up at Belle Isle, which I have really wanted to go to for a long time, and there were so many great spots for pictures!

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This past Monday I met up with the Diehl family at Crump Park for some family photos!  It was a beautiful afternoon for pictures.  The Diehl’s were willing to do anything I asked whether that be the kids climbing a fence or having everyone sit on the ground. :)

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My Uncle recently got remarried to Mrs. Tonya!  They had a small, private ceremony in Nags Head, NC with their family (including me!) surrounding them.  I took some photos for them and here are a few of my favorites. :)


The two families about to be united. :)

2015-08-14_0002 2015-08-14_0007 2015-08-14_0008 2015-08-14_0004 2015-08-14_0009 2015-08-14_0010 2015-08-14_0012 2015-08-14_0014 2015-08-14_0011 2015-08-14_0013 2015-08-14_0015

The pastor (who is also Mrs. Tonya’s dad :) was reading the Bible verse from Genesis 2:18 which says, “It is not good that man should be alone.”  Daddy said “Amen!” and I think Uncle Greg agreed. :)

2015-08-14_0016Then, instead of unity candles, they did a sand ceremony.

It got a bit crowded when all of them had to pour their sand in together. :)

2015-08-14_0018 2015-08-14_0019 2015-08-14_0020 2015-08-14_0021

And they’re married!!!

After the ceremony, we went to the beach and grabbed some couple and family portraits.

2015-08-14_0025 2015-08-14_0026 2015-08-14_0031 2015-08-14_0034 2015-08-14_0028 2015-08-14_0027 2015-08-14_0030 2015-08-14_0033


2015-08-14_0032 2015-08-14_0029 2015-08-14_0035 2015-08-14_0036 2015-08-14_0038 2015-08-14_0039


Then we went back to the house for dinner and fellowship!

2015-08-14_0023 2015-08-14_0024 2015-08-14_0041 2015-08-14_0040 2015-08-14_0042


Tonya’s daughter, Jessica, made the wedding cake and it was delicious!!!


2015-08-14_0044 2015-08-14_0046 2015-08-14_0045

Congrats you two!!

Kimber :)