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This sweet baby girl turned 1 a few weeks ago!  I witnessed Hadassah’s birth into this world and now  she is a beautiful, little girl.  It’s so fun watching little ones grow up and I was blessed to take some 1 year milestone photos of her the other day.

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Well the Grim family are troopers.  Last year I was scheduled to photograph their 1 month old son, Matthias, and my camera broke down a few days before their photo shoot.  I didn’t have enough time to get it fixed beforehand and, if we waited to get it fixed, Matthias would no longer be quite as tiny and “newborn”.

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While my brother and I were out visiting my sister and her family I took some 4 month pictures of my little niece, Addie.  This little girl has completely wrapped me around her finger.  Her smile made every day a wonderful day and I never tired of holding her or being with her.

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I was present when Nehemiah was born and can hardly believe he’s over a year old already!  This cute little guy has been in front of my lens 5 times and this last time he was teething and my repeated attempts to coax a smile out of him were for nothing.

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I was blessed to be able to photograph a sweet 1 month old this past Saturday.  Matthias was so tiny and precious!!  I loved watching, too, how Chris and Allison loved on him…the awe of parents with their firstborn child is always a joy to capture.

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I’ve been so blessed to know Nick and Becca before they were even married!  They entrusted their wedding photos to me, as well as those of their firstborn son, Jeremiah.  This past weekend I was so blessed to be able to capture their family again with their newest addition, little Moriah.   I love watching families grow!!

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I really love how I’ve watched Nehemiah grow over the last 6 months.  I was at his birth and my family and I get together with his family at least once a month so I’ve watched him grow from newborn to 6 months old.  Getting to capture big milestones along the way with my camera has been such a blessing!

Nehemiah is a super smiley little guy who’s happy with just about anybody.  He’s sitting up now and has no problem putting weight on his feet to stand up.  Every time he smiles my heart melts a little more.

Enjoy these photos of him!

2014-08-21_0001 2014-08-21_0002


2014-08-21_0003 2014-08-21_0005

This one’s a favorite!



2014-08-21_0008 2014-08-21_0009 2014-08-21_0011


So stinkin’ cute!!


2014-08-21_0013 2014-08-21_0015 2014-08-21_0016

I love this one with his Mama. :)


2014-08-21_0017 2014-08-21_0018

Happy 1/2 year birthday, Nehemiah!

Kimber :)