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Bumblebees! :)

About a month or so ago, when the weather was really starting to go from Summer to Fall, Daddy called me outside to take some pictures of bumblebees! :)  These poor little critters were so cold that they didn’t move at all (it was in the morning)!  It made the perfect opportunity to photograph them because they weren’t busily buzzing around every flower. :)

This lens really is micro! :)

Doesn’t their hair look so soft and fuzzy? :)
I love the reflection of the sun on bumblebee wings! :)

As the sun warmed the bumblebee up, it started moving and playing with its probiscus.  It was really neat to watch! :)

So, there you have an in-depth look at a bumblebee! :)
Until next time,
Kimber :)

P.S. – I have lots of stuff to update about, but not a whole lot of time to update!  So, I’m hoping that over the winter, I’ll be posting the pictures I took at the wedding and of the various other things I’ve been doing that are photography related.  :)