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This past August, I was blessed with my first bridal shoot!  I had never done bridal portraits before, so I was initally nervous.  However, after I finished, I found out that bridals are one of my favorite things to shoot…I get to photograph a stunning, excited soon-to-be-bride non-stop for 1 hour, while talking all about her wedding and fiance.  What else could be better?

Samantha was married this past weekend in the OBX and it was such a joy to take her bridal portraits!  Samantha has such a beautiful smile and easy-going personality, which makes her extremely easy to photograph!  She’s gorgeous to boot, too! :)

Enjoy my favorites!!



You’re probably wondering who that scary man is behind Samantha. That’s my Uncle! :) You see Mama’s brother, Sean (the man above), married Amanda, who is Samantha’s sister. Got it?
We took Samantha’s bridal portraits at my uncle’s house and at a park nearby. Uncle Sean is tons of fun, so I had to add him in at least one photo. :)



I loved the simplicity and uniqueness of Samantha’s dress. But what I loved most about it was that it was the same dress Samantha’s mom wore for her wedding! I think it’s so neat when a daughter wears her Mama’s dress. :)



This one’s a favorite! Samantha, you have such a beautiful smile!!

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Just one more favorite! :)

Just one more favorite! :)

Kimber :)