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This sweet baby girl turned 1 a few weeks ago!  I witnessed Hadassah’s birth into this world and now  she is a beautiful, little girl.  It’s so fun watching little ones grow up and I was blessed to take some 1 year milestone photos of her the other day.

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This year at our annual beach vacation I was blessed to be able to photogrpah my Uncle Sean, Aunt Amanda, and cousin, Cameron.  They are such a beautiful family and I can’t wait for baby Nash to make its appearance next year!!

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Last week I had the immense privilege of photographing my little cousin, Cameron.  He had turned 2 years old a few weeks before and I was so excited at the opportunity to take his pictures! He is such a precious little guy and I really enjoyed photographing him!  Caleb (my brother) came along for the day, and was a huge help for the pictures.

Enjoy my favorites of little Cameron!!


This is one of the first pictures I took of Cameron.  If you haven’t melted already, now is a good time. :)

2013-11-04_0025 2013-11-04_0026

Oh my goodness, he’s such a little cutie!!


I was so excited when I saw these trees near Cameron’s home.  Fall is such a great time for pictures!!

2013-11-04_0028 2013-11-04_0029

Ahh!!  He’s so precious!!

2013-11-04_0030 2013-11-04_0032 2013-11-04_0031 2013-11-04_0033

2013-11-04_0034 2013-11-04_0036 2013-11-04_0037 2013-11-04_0038

Kimber :)

The Cumby Family

On December 17th I had one of the biggest photography jobs yet:  taking pictures of the Cumby family!  We knew Mr. and Mrs. Cumby through our old church, and we knew their daughter, Jamie Collins, through church too!  Mrs. Collins contacted me in November and asked if I could come do their family pictures when they all got together for Christmas.  I was, as usual, nervous to be handling so many people (some whom I’d never met) and I prayed constantly that everything would go well.  (I can be a bit of a worry-wart. :)  Anyways, as soon as Daddy and I walked into the Cumby house my nervousness started dissipating!  Mrs. Cumby, after a hug, told me to do whatever I wanted (perfect!) and Mrs. Collins got everyone together.  :)
The first pictures I took were of Mr. and Mrs. Cumby’s son, Matt, and his girlfriend with their two dogs.

So cute! :)

Then all the grandkids came out and we assembled them on the steps:

I must say that everyone (even the little guys!) did a great job appearing perfectly comfortable for pictures when it was bitterly cold. :)

 Such a beautiful group!

All the girl grandkids!

The men… :)

We also took family pictures!

The Johnson family.

 Brittany and Lew.

The Schlothauer family (left) and the Crowe’s (right).

Mr. and Mrs. Cumby!

 The Collins!

Carson (left) and Sarah (right).

 Emily (left) and Abigail (right).

 Mrs. Cumby with the Collin grandbabies. :)

And one last picture of the littlest Cumby grandchild:

Thank you, Collins and Cumby family, for trusting me with your pictures!
Kimber :)

The Church Family

Last Saturday I had the great opportunity to photograph the Church’s.   One of  my favorite things about the Church’s is that we’re related!  The matriarch of the family, Aunt Megan, is my Mama’s sister!   Uncle Kevin and Aunt Mae-Mae are so much fun to be around and their children, Cadence, Justus, and Asher, are all absolutely beautiful!
This is Cadence, the oldest child in the family.  Don’t you love her little hair bow?
I would tell Cadence where to stand and she would immediately give me this huge smile!  She’s so precious!
See what I mean?
Justus is the “middle child” (for now ;) and a little shy but very sweet too!  He’s come up to me several times, gave me a hug, and then told me he loved me.  I don’t think he could get much sweeter!

This picture cracks me up!  Aunt Megan and Uncle Kev were telling Justus to “smile pretty” and this was the result. :)  
When Mae-Mae started pretending she was going to “get” Justus he really started smiling! :)

 And this is Asher, the youngest member of the family.  He loves being rocked and will be your cling-on as long as Mama isn’t around!
I love baby eyelashes. :)
 Look at those eyes!!
The three little Church’s!

I want to know what Asher’s thinking…
 So, completely precious!!

Once again, Mae-Mae is pretending to come and “get them” in this picture.  I love how genuine these smiles are! 
Some people want their kids to look directly at the camera for all pictures but I’d rather have genuine smiles than “forced” ones any day.  Oftentimes kids don’t give a genuine smile when placed in front of a camera and told “Say cheese.”  The most genuine ones come when they’re out playing, or, in this case, being entertained by their Mama.  Yes, it’d be nice if they looked at the camera but, still, I’d rather have genuine smiles than forced ones. :)

Daddy and Mama with their big girl!
Daddy and his boys!
 Such a good lookin’ family!!
I had to go around and find some pretty photo spots near our house for these pictures.  Most of the colorful Fall leaves were gone and I didn’t want scraggly, brown trees in the background, so we went to our neighbor’s rye field.  The green grass made for really vibrant colors!

I love how Asher and Cadence are looking back at me in this picture!
I was so amazed I got one picture with everyone smiling and *almost* everyone looking at the camera!  If you’ve ever tried to take a family photo for someone you know how difficult that is!!  (Part of the credit for all the smiles in this pic may have been due to my sister who came along to help. :)
 Walkin’ with Mama.

I had to get some photos of Uncle Kev and Aunt Mae-Mae!
 Aww….look at you two!! 
I think a silhouette is a perfect way to end this post! ;)
Thanks again, Uncle Kev and Aunt Mae-Mae, for letting me do your family photos!
Kimber :)

Kendall Blue’s 7th Birthday Party

About a month or so ago, I went with my family to celebrate Kendall’s 7th birthday party.  I was taking pictures for them, so we had to try and get there on time! :)
Thankfully we did and we all had a wonderful time celebrating Kendall’s birthday!
It was such a beautiful day outside (it got warmer as the day went on) that most of the time, the children were outside playing.
Trinity, Kendall’s sister.
(You may recognize some of the children from previous birthday party posts! )
After almost everyone had arrived, the children played tag.
Lydia and Eden (my sisters! :)
Kendall playing tag.
After lots of running around, we went in for some snacks!
The animal plates were loved by all the children! :)
Some of the children ate outside and some inside!
Toddlers are so cute! :)
After they were sufficiently satisfied, they went back to playing some more!
Micah, Kendall’s brother.
They soon set up games to play and the sack race was played first.
Then they had foot races…
…and soccer races!
Soon it was time for cupcakes!
Lighting the candles.
Mrs. Blue kept trying to light the candles but the soft spring wind kept blowing it out!  Finally they were all lit and we sang happy birthday.
Blowing out the candles.
Two Mamas talking.
After cupcakes Kendall opened her presents!
All the kids crowding around Kendall to see what she got! :)
Adorable little Trinity
As we were getting ready to leave, Kendall came down the stairs with Eden (my sister) and Sarah (a friend) all dressed up in princessy attire.
Micah and Maddie were playing a chess game around the corner.
We left almost 3 hours after arriving.  We had such a wonderful time, but before I close the post here is one more picture of Trinity, Kendall’s sister:
Delighting in Jesus,
Kimber :)


I was going through some pictures I recently took at a birthday party, and I came across lots of pictures of one particular boy.  I had so many pictures I liked of him that I decided to give Zachary (for that is his name) his own post of pictures!  (Hopefully the birthday party pictures will be coming soon too! :)

“But Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.'”
Matthew 19:14
At this last birthday party I was praying specifically for the Lord to give me pictures of individiual children. As always, He was more than gracious! :-D

Delighting in my beautiful Savior,
Kimber :)