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Tips on Taking Pictures with Christmas Lights

Cateogry:  Pictures with Lights
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Camera Type:  Any
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Over the Christmas season I had lots of exposure to lights!  I just had to try and capture them on the camera! :)  After trying a few times this way and that way I found a few things that help Christmas light pictures come out beautifully!

#1: Stay still. If you move it is hard to get a picture that will not come out blurry like this one:

I mean, it’s a nice picture but there is no sharpness.  By “sharpness” I mean there is nothing clearly defined that “draws your eye” (a.k.a. makes you look) to somewhere in the picture.  It just looks…blurry.
To keep your pictures from getting blurry, here are some tips:
– If you have a tripod use it for when you’re taking pictures of lights in a low-light situation (which is only when you have the lights on! :)
– Put your camera up against something stable like a dresser, table leg, etc. to help stabilize yourself and your camera.  (The bigger your camera is the harder it is to keep it from moving because of the weight on your hands)