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For over a year now, I’ve had the privilege of teaching two children, Luke and Ellen Schermerhorn, school three days a week.  I’ve learned a lot from the experience and I’ve been blessed a million times over by the Schermerhorn’s love and generosity.  They have the biggest hearts I’ve ever known and they love the Lord and others with all they have, thereby blessing everyone they come into contact with.

I was so blessed to get to capture who they are as a family last week.  Enjoy some of my favorite pictures!


Meet Luke and Ellen, my students. :)

2013-11-11_0001 2013-11-11_0002



This is so typical of their relationship. :)


The Schermerhorns live on acres of property next to the Chickahominy River.  Their property is a photographer’s dream. :)


Oh, what a great couple!!

2013-11-11_0007 2013-11-11_0012


We had to get a picture with the family dogs, Ruby (right) and Chyna (left).

2013-11-11_0014 2013-11-11_0015 2013-11-11_0017 2013-11-11_0016 2013-11-11_0018


Kimber :)

I know many people hate snow.  The cold, the mess.  That is not me…I love snow!  Seeing that pure white beauty never gets old for me.  Sure, I’m not a fan when it melts (and the mess that ensues) but I love it while it lasts.  :)

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It Snowed!!!

Believe it or not but my family saw its first big snow of the year this past Monday!  And its almost March…I mean, winter is almost over!!  Anyways, even though the snow was very late in coming I loved having it here. :)  I got to go out and take pictures (!!) the morning after it snowed and found lots of neat icicles and picturesque things.  Since I never posted last week I have a good amount of pictures for your viewing pleasure today. :)
And, just to give you an idea of the crazy weather in this state that I live in…it snowed on Sunday night, was 19 degrees Monday night and today it was in the mid-70’s.  :)

I love icicles!

I really love the way the sun is shining through this leaf!

See the rainbow?!
Pictures like these make me so grateful I bought the 60mm micro lens!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
Kimber :)