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For 3 years now I’ve helped home school two kids from my church, Luke and Ellen.  Their family is super sweet and treats me like their daughter/sister. :)  Mr. and Mrs. Schermerhorn are the most generous people you will ever meet and love the Lord and people with all they are.

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Well the Grim family are troopers.  Last year I was scheduled to photograph their 1 month old son, Matthias, and my camera broke down a few days before their photo shoot.  I didn’t have enough time to get it fixed beforehand and, if we waited to get it fixed, Matthias would no longer be quite as tiny and “newborn”.

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Photography has that wonderful ability to capture moments, preserve memories, and create a photographic legacy for generations to come.

Capturing the same family year after year after year after year is probably my favorite thing to do in photography for those above listed reasons.   This is my 4th consecutive year taking the Jackson’s family photos.  2012 was my first year and I was honored to do them every year afterwards and then just last week.  We met up at Belle Isle, which I have really wanted to go to for a long time, and there were so many great spots for pictures!

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Last Saturday I had the pleasure of photographing the various branches of the Dagenhart family!  I knew one Dagenhart family from our previous church but really enjoyed meeting the other members too!  All of them were kind, sweet, easy-going, and fun.

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I was blessed to be able to photograph a sweet 1 month old this past Saturday.  Matthias was so tiny and precious!!  I loved watching, too, how Chris and Allison loved on him…the awe of parents with their firstborn child is always a joy to capture.

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This is the third year I was blessed with capturing the beautiful Jackson family!  Mrs. Kendra went all out just for me on this photo shoot.  She ordered the girls beautiful dresses, Mr. Tim and the boys wore tuxedos, and the younger boys had converses.  I had never seen all of the Jackson’s this dressed up before but, I must say, they clean up rather nicely. ;)

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I have been so blessed to photograph the Blue family two times before this year.  They are one of the sweetest, most beautiful families I’ve ever had a chance to photograph and I always love getting them in front of my camera again!

The last time I took their family photos, Lily was a baby and this year they had a new baby: River!

Enjoy the beautiful Blue family! :)

2014-10-30_0006 2014-10-30_0011 2014-10-30_0002 2014-10-30_0012 2014-10-30_0005 2014-10-30_0010 2014-10-30_0003 2014-10-30_0009 2014-10-30_0017 2014-10-30_0008 2014-10-30_0018 2014-10-30_0004 2014-10-30_0013 2014-10-30_0007 2014-10-30_0014 2014-10-30_0019 2014-10-30_0015 2014-10-30_0001 2014-10-30_0016

We ended the photo shoot with some play time in the woods and on the trampoline.  I think the kids enjoyed this part best. :)

2014-10-30_0020 2014-10-30_0021 2014-10-30_0023 2014-10-30_0022

Kimber :)