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This past Monday I met up with the Diehl family at Crump Park for some family photos!  It was a beautiful afternoon for pictures.  The Diehl’s were willing to do anything I asked whether that be the kids climbing a fence or having everyone sit on the ground. :)

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While my brother and I were out visiting my sister and her family I took some 4 month pictures of my little niece, Addie.  This little girl has completely wrapped me around her finger.  Her smile made every day a wonderful day and I never tired of holding her or being with her.

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My best friend (who also happens to be my eldest sister :) was married April 19th.  Their wedding day was full of the Lord and surrounded by family and friends we all love.  It was definitely my favorite wedding to date!   The thing about Hannah and Dylan’s wedding that was so different from all I’ve been a part of/attended was this:  they didn’t touch until they were at the altar.   I was the Maid of Honor so I was privileged to be up close and personal for the ceremony.  I saw a tear escape down Dylan’s face as Hannah slowly walked towards him.  I saw the utter excitement and joy when Dylan touched Hannah’s hands for the first time (and whispered longingly “I really want to kiss you!”).  I watched as Dylan and Hannah pledged, before God and everyone there, to love and cherish each other til death do them part, all the while gazing at each other with the sweetest, purest affection.  I dropped one of the two curtains that closed the happy couple for a few minutes alone to share their first kiss…and then when the best man and I tried to open the curtains Dylan’s strong hand held those curtains together *really* tight, prolonging his few precious moments alone with his beloved.  When those curtains lifted I was so blessed to see my sister the happiest she’s ever been…I have never seen her more excited, cherished, or loved.

And when they kissed in front of everyone…no words can express it.  The best way I can attempt to describe it would be this:  pure, unbridled passion.  Passion for the one they’ve prayed for, prepared for, saved everything for, and waited their whole life for. What a beautiful thing God does when He draws two hearts together!!

As the maid of honor, I couldn’t take many photos myself so I only have a few ring shots and bride and groom pictures to share with you.  Nevertheless, I hope the photos I do have of their wedding day effectively capture the beauty that comes from a relationship founded on the solid rock of Jesus Christ…and of love that is bigger than just a feeling.

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Kimber :)

Guess what?  Mama had her baby!  Her name is Cassilyn Faith and she is absolutely, positively, precious!!!  Of course, we had to pose her and do a mini photo shoot as soon as we could.  So, all these photos were taken when she was just a few days old.  :)2013-04-05_001


So I love baby feet and hands…like, a lot!



She’s not happy. :)



Love that little bow…and her chubby cheeks. :)










We had baby bunnies and because Cassilyn was born on Easter, we put her in an Easter Egg basket, added some grass, threw a few bunnies in there and voila!


A lil’ sister love. :)

For those of you who love stats, Cassilyn was born on Easter Sunday at 9:49 P.M. at home. :)  [I was actually in the room when she was born.]  She weighed 7 lbs. 8 oz. and was 20 inches long.  She is a pretty quiet baby (finally!) but when she cries it’s really high-pitched and oh so pitiful!!  I love my new little sister…what a little gift from Heaven she is!

Kimber :)

P.S. – I just realized that somehow I uploaded all the unedited version of the pics, instead of the ones I edited.  Oops!

So, you should know by now that my last name is Wassenberg.  So, the “Wassenberg Maternity Shoot” involved my parents!  We got them all dressed up, the day after Valentine’s Day, and took them outside for a few pictures.  Mama’s due pretty soon now…I can’t wait for lil’ Wass to make his/her appearance!







I told Daddy to look at Mama’s belly and this is what he did. :)





Ahhh….my silly Daddy. :)

2013-03-11_011 2013-03-11_012

Now you’ve met my two parents and sibling #9!  Can’t wait to introduce little Wass when he/she gets here!

Kimber :)

Alexis is 15!!

 So, my “little” sister turned 15 two weeks ago.  Where has time gone?!!
Anywho, Hannah got her all dressed up, curled her hair, did her make-up, etc. and then we did an impromptu photo session in the yard.
Enjoy some pictures of my gorgeous sister…and a few with her friend, Jaime!
 Oh and for many reasons, none of these pics have been edited in any way.  They are SOOC (straight out of the camera)!!

Now some pics with her best friend, Jaime:

Kimber :)
P.S. – Is anyone else loving this amazing Fall weather?!  I sure am!!

My Little Brother

I have this little guy that I really, really love.  He’s mischevious, way too cute, and has the biggest, and best, smile I’ve ever seen! :)
Meet my brother:
Yes, I also have 7 other siblings who are the best in the world…but today, this post is about my youngest sibling, Judah. :)
Really…how can that smile not light up your day?

My oldest sister, Hannah, was reading Judah a book last week and he would close the book, then Hannah would tickle him and get these smiles out of him. :)  I was sitting at the computer doing something and I had to pick up my camera and capture his little chubby cheeks!
I’m not sure why little ones seem to grab you so strongly…maybe it’s just because they’re so tiny…
…or always have a way of getting into things and upsetting you one second and then making you want to whip them up into your arms and give those cheeks a big kiss in the next. :)
 Maybe it’s the wonder they hold in their eyes as they discover something new.
Or it could be that they smile so easily?
Maybe it’s his blond hair…
…or big, blue eyes.
Whatever the reason…
…this little guy…

…is oh, so precious to me!
Kimber :)

Baby Cameron

Ever since my Uncle, Sean, got married, we’ve wondered what it would be like to see him as a Daddy.  Uncle Sean has always been the fun, silly guy who keeps everyone smiling.  Well, a month or two after getting married we heard that Aunt Amanda was pregnant!  We were so excited and 9 months seemed to be forever! :)  Well, the day finally came and little Cameron came into the world on 10/1/11!  Exactly a week later, Mama and my siblings, Hannah, Lexi, and Judah (along with myself) went to take them some food.  And, lucky me, Uncle Sean asked if I would bring my camera along to get some pictures of Cameron! :) :)  
Here are some of my favorites!
Aren’t they a beautiful family?

Uncle Sean makes Aunt Amanda smile…a lot! :)
So sweet! :)
 Nope…Uncle Sean definitely hasn’t lost any of his humor! :)
(Cameron’s imitating his Daddy in this photo!)
Look at his little yawn!!
Neat fact:  Cameron is wearing the outfit that Uncle Sean wore when he was brought home from the hospital!

Baby cries are so precious!
(When I said this Uncle Sean replied, “Well, I’ll call you at 2 A.M. and let you hear that ‘precious’ baby cry!” :)

 I don’t think anyone can ever tire of the tininess of a newborn!
Baby feet!!

 Can everyone say a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.?
One last photo of the little family:
The End!