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In March my sister, Lexi, and I had the chance to go up to Washington D.C. and photograph the cherry blossoms!  My grandparents live a little bit outside D.C., and Daddy was going up to their house to do some work, so I called Grandma to see if she would have time to take us.  She said yes!  She had something going on in the afternoon, so we had to get there in the morning and we’d only be there for a few hours…but that was better than nothing!   The only bad part was that thunderstorms were forecast all night and into the morning.  Even if I could go see the cherry blossoms, there might not be any left on the trees!  I prayed and left it up to God.

As we drove up to D.C. it was raining…and pretty hard sometimes.  But as we got closer to the cherry trees, the rain lessened until it was just a sprinkling!  Eventually, it cleared up completely and the sun came out!  Sadly, this was near the time we had to leave, so I got very few pictures with the sun.  But I still enjoyed seeing the cherry blossoms for the first time and I’m very grateful Grandma moved around her schedule to take Lexi and I up there.  I’m also grateful to Lexi for being my beautiful model and holding one of my lenses while I used another one, or carrying my backpack.  She was great! :)

Enjoy some pictures of the cherry blossoms!


Yes, this isn’t a cherry tree…I just found this tree on the way to the blossoms and had to have a picture. The structure was just too amazing!

The cherry trees were literally drooping with the weight of the blossoms (and all the rain drops!).

The cherry trees were literally drooping with the weight of the blossoms (and all the rain drops!).


Lexi in a cherry tree. :)







I got Lexi to take some updated pictures of me too. :)









The Jefferson Memorial. This is the closest I’ve ever been to it. Hopefully sometime this year I’ll get back up to D.C. and get to visit all the important sites I’ve never been to. :)







The umbrella we had brought along made a great background! (Thanks to Lexi for the idea!)


The rain did knock a good amount of petals off but thankfully there were still many left!





The sun came out and was so, so pretty!


There were some beds of tulips nearby, so we stopped to get a picture of them as we headed back to the car.

2013-05-23_030 2013-05-23_031

The last stop we made that day was the war memorial.  Grandma went to go get the car and left us there to look around (we’d never seen it before).

2013-05-23_032 2013-05-23_033



This is the view of the Washington Monument from the War Memorial. They are doing work on it, hence the scaffolding. :)


Self portrait!


One more view of the War Memorial. It wasn’t that pretty because the fountains weren’t on, but I still enjoyed looking around it!

Well, there you have a quick recap of my trip to D.C. to photograph the cherry blossoms!  Hopefully I’ll go again next year…we’ll see!

Kimber :)

Lots and Lots of Yellow Flowers!

If you love the color yellow, this post is for you!  For some reason the flowers we have blooming now are almost all yellow (which the exception of my lovely roses ;)!! 
We planted sunflowers a few years ago, and haven’t planted any since, but every year we get beautiful sunflowers!  We think that the birds who eat the seeds must spill some on the ground where they wait to germinate until the next year.  :)
 Lots of bright yellow! :)

The other yellow flowers around our home are from some wildflower seeds Mama “planted”.  They’re quite beautiful, too! :)

This next photo is probably one of my favorites:
I just love when the sun illuminates flowers and I liked how I got a little sun flare in the bottom right corner! :)
I hope you all are having a great summer!
Kimber :)

Fuzzy Dandelions

As I was trying to figure out what the below plants were called, I asked my sister, Hannah, and she said “Dandelions.”  I was like “Dandelions??  Those yellow flowers?  This doesn’t look like a dandelion?!”  
So she said “Why don’t you look it up on Google?”  I followed her advice, and lo and behold, she was right!!! :) 
I thought dandelions were those slightly uninteresting, bright yellow flowers. 
Lesson of the day: dandelions have more than one form! :)

Personally I love this form much better than the yellow flower!  
Who doesn’t like fluffy white things?! :)

Dandelions (in the form pictured) have always amazed me.  One of my favorite things to do when I was younger (and sometimes now ;) is to see if I can blow the little seeds off the plant. :)  Daddy, being a landscaper, always playfully calls out “No, no, no!” as I blow the seeds away.  (Dandelions are not the lawn care workers best friend! ;)

One last little note:  a website I just looked at said the yellow dandelion flower is the yellow composite flower and the white, fluffy balls are the dandelion’s seed head.
Okay, the science lesson is over! :)  
Have a great night!
Kimber :)