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A Review of my nikon Nikkor 55-200mm Lens

I have never reviewed all of the lenses that I own on this blog, so I decided to start a “blog series” about some of my photography equipment.  I titled this post “A Review…” but it’s only a review of what I think about one of my particular lenses (and I’m no expert).   I’ve never used any other lenses, so I’ll just be telling you what I do and don’t love about this particular lens (no comparisons to other lenses) and then I’ll give some example photographs I’ve taken with this lens.
Okay, here we go!  
I decided to start with my Nikon Nikkor AF-S 55-200mm lens because it’s the lens I use the least.  This is because:
1.  I prefer to take portraits and my 50mm does the best job at this.
2.  Telephoto lenses are mainly for getting up close to things far away.  I’m rarely in a situation where I need to do exactly that.
3.  The lowest aperture this lens is capable of is 4.0…and I usually shoot between the f1.8-3.5 range.  The higher aperture also hinders me from being able to use this lens in low light situations.
 But, on the other hand, this lens is great for zooming in on things when I really need it to.  It has a great range!  

 The top photo is the lens at 55mm and then the botttom pic is with the lens at 200mm (fully extended).

I’ve used this lens primarily for wildlife pictures (which I’m not that great at) and for weddings.  Here’s an example:
 During Jon and Erin’s wedding, the pastor requested that at one particular part of the ceremony, the photographer not move around and take pictures.  Conveniently, I was left in the hallway after the bridal party had proceeded down the aisle and the doors to the sanctuary were closed.  So, I wasn’t in the sanctuary.  At first I tried to think about where to go in the sanctuary to “get the good shots”, but then I decided to stay in the hall because 1.)  The main photographer was already in the sanctuary, 2.)  I wouldn’t be able to move around in the sanctuary even if I went in, and 3.)  Since I was in the hallway I could move around and take pictures during the “unallowed” time!  So, believe it or not, but the above pictures were taken through the window of the doors of the sanctuary! :)  And both of the above pictures were taken with my 55-200 lens.  Remember what I said about great range?!  Same lens, same camera and yet I could get a good majority of the sanctuary in the picture if I wanted, or, zoom in to get the pastor and couple framed well.  (Yes, the two pictures were taken at different doors but you get the point. :)
Now, the bad thing about this lens for weddings is the incapacity to handle low-light situations (due to it not having a very low aperture), which most churches suffer from .  So, these two pictures are only focused well and not too blurry because I was leaning up against the door with the lens actually touching the glass, using the door to support me and minimize camera shake as much as possible.  I’m sure I looked rather funny plastered to the door but you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do. :)  I’ve actually had a thought in the back of my head for awhile now that if I get into wedding photography I’m going to need to buy a telephoto lens that handles low-light situations better.  But I’m not there yet (monetarily, physically, or mentally :), so this lens is staying…for now!

This picture was taken at a Memorial Day service.  The ability to zoom in quite far enabled me to get the flag in the picture good and tight.

 This is one of my very first pictures with this lens. :)  Daddy and Mama are my subjects and this lens provided a way for me to take their picture without intruding on their sweet and special moment.

This is one of the wildlife pictures I’ve taken (that I’m not good at :).  I had some better ones but I couldn’t find them fast enough, so this will have to do.

All in all, I hope this post has given you an idea of the pros and cons of this lens.  Overall, it works for me right now but I may need to upgrade in the future!

Have a great night!