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So, you should know by now that my last name is Wassenberg.  So, the “Wassenberg Maternity Shoot” involved my parents!  We got them all dressed up, the day after Valentine’s Day, and took them outside for a few pictures.  Mama’s due pretty soon now…I can’t wait for lil’ Wass to make his/her appearance!







I told Daddy to look at Mama’s belly and this is what he did. :)





Ahhh….my silly Daddy. :)

2013-03-11_011 2013-03-11_012

Now you’ve met my two parents and sibling #9!  Can’t wait to introduce little Wass when he/she gets here!

Kimber :)

Jason + Amara = Baby!

5:20 A.M. dawned dark and early.  I could’ve slept in another 25 minutes but I was so nervous I couldn’t go back to sleep.  So, I got up and got ready for the day.  I grabbed the two lenses I was going to use and walked out to our gazebo with my sister, Hannah.  We were spending a few days at a beautiful house in Nags Head, NC and soon some friends from church were going to arrive for a sunrise maternity photo shoot (yep, they’re that awesome!).  I was going to get to take my first ever maternity pictures (other than my Mama’s)!  I was so nervous yet excited at the same time…I just wanted to get started so the butterflies would go away.  As we waited on the gazebo, with the wind blowing our hair around, the sun started to rise and paint vibrant colors on the sky.  Thank you, Lord! I murmured.  My prayer for a beautiful sunrise was answered! :)  A little while later, I saw the lights in the driveway and went out to meet my friends, Mr. and Mrs. Etheredge!  As soon as I got a hug from both of them, the nervousness started going away.  We walked to the gazebo and then I took Mrs. Amara down to the beach for some silhouette “baby belly” photos.  And we spent the rest of our time together laughing and smiling!   Here are some of their pictures!


To say that Mr. Jason and Mrs. Amara were hard to photograph would be a lie!  They made everything so easy for me (though I’m sure they noticed my nervousness! :) and were willing to do anything!  They were great!

The pier that was nearby allowed us to get some great pictures!  I love that light in the upper right corner of the pictures! :)
As we were walking back to our house, I noticed that the sun had finally made his appearance and so we did some more silhouette pictures! :)
Isn’t the sunrise amazing?!  God is so good! :)
The ultrasound picture was completely their idea…I loved it! :)
 It took Mrs. Amara a good amount of effort to get her rings off for these pictures!  I’m grateful that she made the sacrifice, though, because I love taking pictures of rings! :) 
I have to throw a kissing picture in there! :)

Yep, they’re fun! :)
I love this one…very much!

Aren’t these little shoes adorable?!!  Once again, they were totally their idea to bring!

 Too cute!

The pretty Mama!
Oh, I love baby bellies! :)

 Congratulations you two!  I cannot wait to meet little Grace Kathryn!  
Kimber :)
“Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD,The fruit of the womb is a reward.”
Psalm 127:3