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The Beninghoves Move

Does the name Beninghove sound familiar to you?  Last Fall I was privileged with taking their family pictures.  This time they’re on the blog because they have moved!  They wanted me to capture the different aspects of moving into their dream home and I couldn’t have been happier.  Enjoy the pictures of this wonderful family on their moving day!  *Please note that this photo session was a little bit different than the usual.  I wasn’t taking pictures of just the family…it was the house, the outside area, the moving of boxes, and, of course, anything else cute (ahem, their kids).  So, the pictures will have a different flair than usual. :)***

 The Beninghoves moved from a neighborhood out into the country with 25 acres!!  Smart move, if you ask me. :)

Love country roads!

Ta-da!  Here is their lovely house!


 I was being watched as I took pictures outdoors. :)

After I had my share of outside photos, Mrs. Beninghove gave us a grand tour of the inside! 

One of my favorite things about the house (if I do say so myself) was the huge rooms and tons of natural light.  I was in photographer’s heaven (as far as indoor spots go :).

This is the huge master bedroom, walk-in closet.

Love this glass in the master bath!

Micah B. getting his shoes on to go help unload boxes. :)

Bringing stuff in!

What a little cutie!! 

Getting some water…it’s a lot of work unloading!

Micah made sure he had ample time to play as well as unload! :)

Maddie getting after it. :)

 I have many photos of Micah because 1.) He’s at that adorable stage and 2.) He was most available. ;)

Taking a breather.

 The guy with the keys showed up while they were unloading and Mrs. Beninghove couldn’t pass up any opportunity for a picture! :)

Taking the keys inside.

Back to work!

 Mrs. Beninghove was the box unloader.  She also was box security:


 Taking a “Tag, You’re It!” break. :)

What handsome little guys!

Before you panic and think the Beninghoves moved boxes of Regulated Medical Waste, just know the box was filled with household items.  They just took any *empty* box they could get and this happened to be one of them. :)

Love this natural window light!!

That girl on the left is not a Beninghove….she’s my sister, Eden, who came along to help (and also spend time with Maddie B. :).

 Going upstairs to play!

The Beninghove family in front of their new home!!  Congrats Beninghoves!!

 Kimber :)