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Nick and Becca – 10.9.10

First of all, this post has been waiting to happen for a long time!  I’ve wanted to post some pictures from Nick and Becca’s wedding *last year* but haven’t made time to do it…until today! :)  Yesterday they celebrated their 5-month wedding anniversary and now I’m just getting around to posting their photos! (I will try and not let this happen…ever again!)
Anyways, a few of you may remember the “sneak peek” I posted from their wedding two days after it took place.  I will resume where I left off! :)
To give a quick recap, Becca had approached me after church one Wednesday night and asked if I would be the photographer for her and Nick’s wedding.  I wasn’t expecting anything close to her request, so I said I would pray about it.  After a few days I didn’t feel anything (or Anyone) telling me not to be the photographer, so I said “yes!” 
Nick and Becca were married on October 9th, 2010 (10.9.10. – what a cool date!) and I really enjoyed being a part of their day.  I knew Nick was a fun guy, so if Becca was marrying him she had to be fun too!  And they were!  Their wedding day was full of smiles and laughter and I really enjoyed my time with them!
Here are some photos from their special day!
The sanctuary of our wonderful church!
As the church was getting ready, the wedding party was getting ready in different rooms.  I’ll introduce you to the ever-radiant, Becca, first!
Isn’t she pretty?!
Becca had a friend from church make her dress and it turned out great!!
 Becca’s bridesmaids, Lydia and Caroline, were really sweet too…
…as well as fun!  :)
In another room, Nick and his groomsmen were getting ready.
Like I said, Nick is a lot of fun! :)

Donning the tie!
Before the ceremony, I got to take Nick and Becca’ rings for some up-close photos!
I absolutely love Becca’s ring!!!

As I was taking the photos of the rings people were starting to arrive, giving hugs and signing the guest book.

Then came the ceremony!  I loved the moment when Becca walked around the corner, into full view, holding onto her Daddy’s arm.  You could just sense that everyone was holding their breath!!
One last hug for Daddy…

Husband and wife!  Yippee!!
Nick and Becca then went into the 242 cafe where they stood and greeted everyone who came!  There were lots of smiles going around!


As people were weaving through the line, shaking hands and giving hugs to the wedding party a lady shouted out “They forgot to kiss!!”
Yes, somehow that part got left out of the ceremony! 
Kissing soon followed! :)
Once everyone had a chance to congratulate the new couple, we went into the Sanctuary for the formal photos!

This wedding party kept me laughing the entire time!  My cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing so much!

We then headed to Ashland Church of God where the reception was held!
Inside the gym, a delightful table of food awaited the wedding party and guests!

 Serving up the punch!
When the wedding party arrived and was announced, everyone started going through the line, eating and talking to friends!
There were lots of neat items micro-worthy at the reception!
The bubbles looked like a bride and groom…

Hershey Kisses were printed with the occasion along with…


This was just a light I liked! :)
Soon it was time for the toasts and then came the cake cutting.
Such a neat cake!
I persuaded Nick and Becca to disappear for a little bit during the reception so we could go outside and take some photos of just the two of them!  I’m so glad they agreed!!!

When we were finished laughing ourselves silly Nick and Becca found out that someone had wrapped their rental car in plastic wrap!!

The culprits were soon found but the events went on! :)  Becca threw her bouquet and then they said goodbye to friends and family before preparing to walk through the barrage of bubbles that awaited their exit!

As soon as they unwrapped their car they were off to live happily ever after!!

A lone bubble.
Thus ended their beautiful, joyful wedding day!
I hope the Lord continues to bless Nick and Becca as they strive to serve Him as a married couple!