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Last week I had the immense privilege of photographing my little cousin, Cameron.  He had turned 2 years old a few weeks before and I was so excited at the opportunity to take his pictures! He is such a precious little guy and I really enjoyed photographing him!  Caleb (my brother) came along for the day, and was a huge help for the pictures.

Enjoy my favorites of little Cameron!!


This is one of the first pictures I took of Cameron.  If you haven’t melted already, now is a good time. :)

2013-11-04_0025 2013-11-04_0026

Oh my goodness, he’s such a little cutie!!


I was so excited when I saw these trees near Cameron’s home.  Fall is such a great time for pictures!!

2013-11-04_0028 2013-11-04_0029

Ahh!!  He’s so precious!!

2013-11-04_0030 2013-11-04_0032 2013-11-04_0031 2013-11-04_0033

2013-11-04_0034 2013-11-04_0036 2013-11-04_0037 2013-11-04_0038

Kimber :)

So, you should know by now that my last name is Wassenberg.  So, the “Wassenberg Maternity Shoot” involved my parents!  We got them all dressed up, the day after Valentine’s Day, and took them outside for a few pictures.  Mama’s due pretty soon now…I can’t wait for lil’ Wass to make his/her appearance!







I told Daddy to look at Mama’s belly and this is what he did. :)





Ahhh….my silly Daddy. :)

2013-03-11_011 2013-03-11_012

Now you’ve met my two parents and sibling #9!  Can’t wait to introduce little Wass when he/she gets here!

Kimber :)

Hannah’s 17th Birthday Portraits

My lovely sister, Hannah, turned 17 years old yesterday!!
Two days ago my cousins, Kaitlyn and Sarah, were over and Kaitlyn decided to straighten Hannah’s hair.  (Not an easy task, if you’ve seen my sister’s voluminous amounts of hair!! ;)
After over an hour of straightening, Kaitlyn and Lexi dressed and “beautified” Hannah. :)  Next, of course, came the pictures! :)
I have a slight obsession with Hannah’s eyelashes…they are so long! :)

 So pretty!!

This is Hannah’s genuine, all-natural smile. :)

The big bay window in our room made for some beautiful portraits! :) :)

We call this the “model look.” ;)

It was lots of fun posing Hannah and laughing with her throughout our mini photo-shoot.  Kaitlyn and Lexi were great helps to me in holding up backgrounds and keeping Hannah laughing (which isn’t hard to do :).

It was Kaitlyn’s idea to put our green avocado plant behind Hannah for some of the pictures.  The plant added a nice, natural touch! ;)

Isn’t she pretty?! :)

What’s even better about Hannah is that she’s even more gorgeous on the inside!!  She has a huge heart for the people around her and she loves Jesus Christ so much!  She daily demonstrates efficiency and kindness in our family and loves helping Daddy with anything he needs.  From the Master Chinese Chef in our family to the first person up every day, she quietly leads by example.

I will never, ever ask for a better older sister…because there is none to be found.  I love you Hannah and wish you a wonderful yet belated 17th birthday!
Kimber :)

The Milletary Family

A week or so before Christmas, a friend at church contacted me to see if I could take pictures of their family when everyone was together at Christmas time.

Excited about the opportunity, I said “yes”!  Here are some of the pictures from the day:

The Williams family!
The Allens!
The Roper Family!
 Mr. and Mrs. Milletary with all of their grandchildren!
 The Milletary’s with their daughters and son-in-laws.
The girl grandkids.

The boy grandkids.
 Azriel (above) and Titus (below) peeping through the window!
 The entire family!
After we finished taking photos of the whole family, the grandkids got to play in the yard for a little bit!  It was freezing cold outside and the wind was blowing really strong, but they endured it well! 

Trinity (left)
Emma (right).

 Like I said, the wind was blowing really strong! :)

Once everyone had gone inside, I took a few “couple portraits” out on the porch.

Mr. and Mrs. Milletary.

 Mr. and Mrs. Williams (I love the above photo!!!).

Mr. and Mrs. Roper!  (The photo on the left is another favorite!)

Some more photos of the cute grandkids! :)


Azriel and Carter are the same age, so we had to get pictures of them together! :)
So there you have the beautiful Milletary family!!
This past Sunday I took some pictures of a precious newborn and his family so I’ll hopefully be posting those photos sometime soon!  And maybe one day I’ll post some pictures from the wedding I photographed last October…yeah, I have a tendency to procrastinate sometimes! :)

The Church Family

A while ago, I had the honor of photographing the beautiful Church family.  Not only are the Church’s my relatives but they are like my second family.  I love them so much! :)
Let me introduce you to the newest member of the family:  Asher.
Isn’t Asher precious??!!

Nothing like kisses from your sister!

Love from Mama

After Asher had his own little photo shoot we went to Maymont for family pictures!

Cadence (left) is the oldest child with Justus (right) following her!
The ones who started it all! :)
The beautiful family!
Asher is obviously bored of the proceedings. :)
Smelling the flowers.

Uncle Kevin and Aunt Mae-Mae get some love from Cadence!
Daddy and Justus.

 Daddy with his children.
Aren’t Cadence’s eyes beautiful?!

As we were getting ready to leave, we saw this huge Maple tree with leaves covering the ground.  Of course, we had to stop to get a few pictures!

Throwing leaves is so much fun!

Justus joined in on the fun too!

Giving Asher some kisses.

So that is the beautiful Church family!

Kimber :)

Merry Christmas!!!!

Lexi’s 13th Birthday PIctures

Last Friday, Lexi (my sister) wanted me to take some pictures of her to use for her 13th birthday party.  So, when we both were ready, we headed outside for some pictures!

Lexi found this flower before we began our “photo shoot” and she wanted me to take a picture of it.

I must say that it matched her fingernail polish very well! :)

I took Lexi to some places where I wanted to take a few pictures.  On another photographer’s website I had read how the eye naturally follows lines in your pictures.  So, I wanted to find some “lines” to lead people’s eyes to Lexi’s face.  (The article was very interesting…if you want to read it go here!)  So I picked the porch railing because of all the “lines” associated with a porch!
Lexi is so photogenic…I could take pictures of her all day!

Lexi picked the next photo spot and she picked the greenest spot in our backyard! :)
I hardly had to tell her to do any of these poses!  She had so many ideas up her sleeve that all I had to do was snap picture after picture! :)
I love all those little circles in the wood behind her!!
This picture (and the one below) of Lexi in the grass are some of my favorites!  I suggested that Lexi lay in the grass for me and she was like “That was what I was just going to do!”  Great minds think alike, right? :)
In this grassy picture I was laying flat on my stomach…completely level with Lexi!  It was a lot of fun laying in the grass taking pictures! ;)
And the last picture of Lexi for this post!

Delighting in Jesus,
Kimber :)