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A few years ago I took some family photos for the Harrell’s while we both were on vacations in the OBX!  Well, the time has come for James to finish up high school and to spread his wings.  We got together two Saturday’s ago and took James’ senior photos.  The foliage at Hanover Wayside Park was perfect!

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I’ve known Samantha since she and I were little. :)  Samantha’s mom would babysit my siblings and I when my parents needed to go somewhere or had a worship practice to attend.  Samantha (and her older sister, Ashlee, whose wedding I’m photographing in less than 2 months!) would play with us until my parents got back home.  Now Samantha is graduating!!

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I was so honored to be able to photograph my fun, beautiful cousin at the beach!  We wandered around the beach and then went to the Currituck Sound for some more pictures.  Allie is so much fun and every time time we get together, we’re always laughing (thanks to her!).   She just has a natural smiley, happy attitude that makes you want to be around her.  Allie’s graduating from Lee Davis High School June 2014 and I can’t wait to see what she does after high school!

Enjoy my favorites (which were quite a few!).



Love this! :)













That little teal blurb is Allie. :)




Can anyone say “Wowzer!”?





Yep, she’s fun!





I absolutely love that one on the right!!!

Kimber :)

I’ve had a hard time trying to define my style.  I finally took some time today to look at some of the pictures I’ve taken and determine my favorites.  I was going to go through most of them, but that’s too much for one day.  :)  So, I decided just to post my favorite senior pictures and why I love them so much.  This post will probably be very boring for you, but that’s okay because this post is more for me than for you!  I’m trying to define “my style” and the only way I can do that is if I write it out.


If you’re wondering how I determined which pictures are my favorite…I used Scott Kelby’s advice.  He said that the one picture that makes you stop dead in your tracks and just stare at…those are the ones.  And he’s right!  I don’t have many pictures that make me want to stop and just look at the picture.  I’ve got some good ones but very few “track-stoppers.” :)

For example, I took about 436 senior pictures last year.  I only found 4 that made me stop and stare.


What I love about this picture:  the wave in the back, the wind blowing Kate’s hair, Kate’s perfect expression and pose, the tight crop…I just love the overall mood of this picture.


What I love about this picture:  the lighting (knew that right off the bat), the bokeh in the background, how Erika’s framed between the two light trees with the darker background, her soft smile, the tight crop.


What I love about this picture:  the sense of mystery, that tree!!, the bokeh, how Kate’s outfit matches the darker tones of the tree, and the mood (again!).


What I love about this picture:  the wind blowing Erika’s hair perfectly, her slightly titled head and soft expression, how her eyes and shirt pop, and those green plants.

The second picture has the best lighting out of all of them, but overall these are the 4 senior pictures I’m most proud of.  Most of you probably would prefer this or that picture, but these are what I like.  These pictures have shown me that I like the more moody images…instead of capturing a huge laugh, I like the quiet/more reflective moments (that shouldn’t be shocking if you know who I am but I never realized this before).  These pictures also solidified the fact that I already knew…I like close pictures.  I’m not a huge, wide-angle lens kind of gal.  (Don’t get me wrong, I like my fair share of wide pictures, my favorites just always happen to be close-up.)

Overall, I’m enjoying going through my pictures and finding the ones that make me stop and stare.  It’s revealing a lot about the kind of pictures I like and I think it will help me take more pictures like them!

We’ll see!

Kimber :)

Erika is a Senior!!

Another one of my cousins, Erika, is a senior this year!  While I was doing Katelyn’s senior pictures, Erika came along and helped keep Kate laughing…and Erika also convinced her mom to let me do her senior pictures!  
This session was a little bit of a challenge for me because I didn’t want Erika’s pictures to look like Katelyn’s.  I wanted them to be different.  So, I tried to shake things up a little bit, using different poses or different locations. 
Erika is such a fun cousin!  Whenever she’s around she’s always making someone smile or laugh.
Enjoy getting a glimpse at my beautiful cousin…and congrats on being a senior, Erika!!  It seems that just yesterday we were little kids swinging on Na-naw and Paw-paw’s hammock. :)

It was a big understatement to say Erika was beautiful…she’s absolutely gorgeous!!

 This is what Erika is usually like. :)

We borrowed photographic rights of these bushes that were in a neighbor’s yard! :)


Doing a little “Karate Kid” reenactment. :)

Gotta’ love sisters!  :)

Absolute favorite!!

Kimber :)

Kaitlyn is a Senior!!

Last week my family went on vacation (which is why I didn’t post last week…)!!!  We spent the week at a lovely 10-bedroom oceanfront house on the OBX with Mama’s five siblings + spouses + kids, as well as with her parents.  Altogether, when everyone was there, we had 35 people at the beach together!!  Talk about one big, happy family!  The beach was great and, while I was there, I had the privilege of photographing my cousin, Kaitlyn.   She will be a senior this year (Class of 2013!) and wanted some casual photos.  I was more than happy to oblige.  Enjoy my favorites!

 Ain’t she purty?! :)

Ha! :)

It was just a tad windy… :)

 I was so glad K.K. didn’t mind laying in the sand for me! :)  You’re great, K.K.!!

Love her “model face”!  (When I try and do the model face I look like I’m about to kill somebody…it’s terrible…trust me!)

Simply put…this bridge was amazing.

K.K. and I. :)
By the way, K.K. and Sarah, her sister, made a lovely song that I would love for you to listen to.  It’s absolutely beautiful and has a great message.  Sarah wrote the words and K.K. the music.  Go here to watch it!
Love ya, K.K.!  Congrats on *almost* being done with high school…forever!
Kimber :)

Rachel is a Senior!!

Rachel graduated this year (Class of 2012!!) at the home school convention, where my sister, Hannah, and I also graduated!!  I was really excited to be blessed with the opportunity to take her senior portraits!!  This was my first ever senior session and I loved it!  I would tell Rachel to do something and she got it automatically.  I was blown away by how easy Rachel made everything for me!!
Enjoy some of my favorite photos!

 We took Rachel’s senior portraits at Maymont in Richmond, VA.  I haven’t been to Maymont for over a year so it was fun to walk around and find some pretty photo spots!  
One of my favorites! :)

Loved her formal outfit!!

Major favorite here. :)

Congrats Rachel!!  Thank you SO much for letting me do your senior pictures!!
Kimber :)