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Erika is a Senior!!

Another one of my cousins, Erika, is a senior this year!  While I was doing Katelyn’s senior pictures, Erika came along and helped keep Kate laughing…and Erika also convinced her mom to let me do her senior pictures!  
This session was a little bit of a challenge for me because I didn’t want Erika’s pictures to look like Katelyn’s.  I wanted them to be different.  So, I tried to shake things up a little bit, using different poses or different locations. 
Erika is such a fun cousin!  Whenever she’s around she’s always making someone smile or laugh.
Enjoy getting a glimpse at my beautiful cousin…and congrats on being a senior, Erika!!  It seems that just yesterday we were little kids swinging on Na-naw and Paw-paw’s hammock. :)

It was a big understatement to say Erika was beautiful…she’s absolutely gorgeous!!

 This is what Erika is usually like. :)

We borrowed photographic rights of these bushes that were in a neighbor’s yard! :)


Doing a little “Karate Kid” reenactment. :)

Gotta’ love sisters!  :)

Absolute favorite!!

Kimber :)