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The Beninghoves Move

Does the name Beninghove sound familiar to you?  Last Fall I was privileged with taking their family pictures.  This time they’re on the blog because they have moved!  They wanted me to capture the different aspects of moving into their dream home and I couldn’t have been happier.  Enjoy the pictures of this wonderful family on their moving day!  *Please note that this photo session was a little bit different than the usual.  I wasn’t taking pictures of just the family…it was the house, the outside area, the moving of boxes, and, of course, anything else cute (ahem, their kids).  So, the pictures will have a different flair than usual. :)***

 The Beninghoves moved from a neighborhood out into the country with 25 acres!!  Smart move, if you ask me. :)

Love country roads!

Ta-da!  Here is their lovely house!


 I was being watched as I took pictures outdoors. :)

After I had my share of outside photos, Mrs. Beninghove gave us a grand tour of the inside! 

One of my favorite things about the house (if I do say so myself) was the huge rooms and tons of natural light.  I was in photographer’s heaven (as far as indoor spots go :).

This is the huge master bedroom, walk-in closet.

Love this glass in the master bath!

Micah B. getting his shoes on to go help unload boxes. :)

Bringing stuff in!

What a little cutie!! 

Getting some water…it’s a lot of work unloading!

Micah made sure he had ample time to play as well as unload! :)

Maddie getting after it. :)

 I have many photos of Micah because 1.) He’s at that adorable stage and 2.) He was most available. ;)

Taking a breather.

 The guy with the keys showed up while they were unloading and Mrs. Beninghove couldn’t pass up any opportunity for a picture! :)

Taking the keys inside.

Back to work!

 Mrs. Beninghove was the box unloader.  She also was box security:


 Taking a “Tag, You’re It!” break. :)

What handsome little guys!

Before you panic and think the Beninghoves moved boxes of Regulated Medical Waste, just know the box was filled with household items.  They just took any *empty* box they could get and this happened to be one of them. :)

Love this natural window light!!

That girl on the left is not a Beninghove….she’s my sister, Eden, who came along to help (and also spend time with Maddie B. :).

 Going upstairs to play!

The Beninghove family in front of their new home!!  Congrats Beninghoves!!

 Kimber :)

The Beninghove Family!

First off, I have to tell you how amazing this family is! :)  We were planning on doing the pictures this past Saturday but, when the weather was forecasting rain, we switched to Friday.  Well Friday dawned and it was freezing! :)  Not only was it freezing but there was a cold, piercing breeze too!  It was cold!  Nevertheless, they all were amazing troopers!  You never would guess (by the pictures below) that it was freezing outside!  Everyone would quickly take their coat off for a few pictures and then put them back on and warm up before doing it again.  All the little B’s were great troopers.  Micah, the youngest, wasn’t too happy when he first got there but once we let him go play he really warmed up! :)
Anyways, this entire family is so, so sweet!  The children are so happy and they listened to anything I’d suggest…doing it with a smile!  Mr. and Mrs. B also made my job easy by encouraging the little ones and smiling all. the. time.  :)
Enjoy some of my favorites from the day!
Micah wasn’t too excited about smiling…he just wanted to lay his head on Mama!
Aren’t they a beautiful family?  (Mrs. B you did a great job with the outfits!  Love the coordinating colors!!!)

This is Maddie.  She’s such a great big sister! :)  Her smile is so pretty and genuine!
 I really love how Matthew’s shirt match the red berries in this photo!   Matthew was so easy to take pictures of because he was willing to do practically anything!

 And this is Micah…he’s such a cutie but he didn’t want to show off his smile until later.  He just wanted to be with his Mama (totally understandable! :).

 The Mr. and Mrs.! :)
Don’t kill me for posting this, Mrs. B! :)  I love how fun you are! ;)
They said they call this the “Maddie sandwich”.

Mrs. B was trying so hard to look at Mr. B without laughing!  It took a lot of hard work but she eventually could do it! :)
After the “posed” pictures we let the little ones go play at the nearby playground.  That is when Micah started warming up…lighting up the day with his beautiful smile and cute personality! :)

Love the big, brown eyes!!!
Matthew stopped in mid-play for this picture!
Miss Maddie!
I told them to give me a “silly face” and this is what I got! :)

Have I mentioned how sweet these guys are?!  They didn’t even hesitate when I asked if they would give Maddie a kiss!  Too cute!!!

Micah didn’t want to be too near the tree, so he just touched it for me! :)
So, so sweet! :)
And one last photo of the sweet Beninghove family in the gorgeous Fall colors:

The end!  Thanks so much, Beninghoves, for entrusting me with your family pictures!  I felt so special when you contacted me about taking some family photos and I had so much fun laughing with you all in the freezing weather!  May the Lord continue to bless you all!
Kimber :)

Matthew Beninghove’s 3rd Birthday Party

(I’ve recently started taking pictures for friends and referrals to improve upon the gift the Lord has given me.)
February 17th, I photographed Matthew’s birthday party!  He’s such a sweet little guy and I loved his “firefighter” theme.  (His party was held at the Fire Station on 360.) 
The birthday boy!!
Matthew’s brother, Micah.
Micah was absolutely loving on Daddy and he would give me a huge smile when we put a firefighter hat on him – so cute!!! :)
Some of the firefighter decor:
Around 10 AM people started showing up for the party!  Once everyone was together, the children played a game.  I forgot what it was called, so I’ll have to rely on you to fill in the details!
Listening to Mrs. Beninghove instruct all in attendance on how to play.
The game went as such:
Mrs. Beninghove had a little disc-shaped thing in her hand that would call out one of the shapes on the floor.
Then the children would have to rush and get to those shapes and do whatever the speaking disc told them to do.
The kids had lots of fun going back and forth across the floor!  It was a little frustrating to some of them because there weren’t enough squares for everyone to get on but they ended up doing group huddles! :)
The next game they played was Hot Potato!  Almost all of the children played this and they had lots of fun throwing it back and forth, passing it, etc.
In a circle…
The one with the “potato” is Matthew’s sister, Maddie.
Isn’t Matthew cute?!
After lots of laughing and smiling (I had so many pictures it was hard to pick 3!), they went to the tables and decorated their firefighter hats with stickers!
Once everyone finished decorating to their liking, it was time for cake and ice cream!
Mrs. Beninghove made a beautiful cake.  It really looked like a firetruck: 
Lighting the candles.
Blowing them out!!
Once the cake was cut up everyone got to eat!  Along with cake, popcorn, fruit punch drinks and more, they had ice cream sandwhiches!
Here are some of the faces of the children as they ate their ice cream sandwhich:
Everything was absolutely delicious!
My cousin, Cadence, really enjoyed her cake!!
Getting cleaned up!
Justus…another of my cousins!
Sometime after eating my sister, Lexi (right), picked up Micah and he layed his head on her shoulder.  He really is a sweet little boy!
Before presents, some of the little ones went over to the pool table that was there and started playing with the balls
   (Thankfully they only got a few squished fingers!)
Two Mamas fellowshiping.
Once all the plates were cleaned up and thrown away, Matthew opened his presents!
As I was taking pictures all the children were inching closer and closer to Matthew.  They were all so excited to see what he got! :)
Once all the presents were opened, everyone got their coats on to go listen to the firefighters and to tour the firetrucks!
Going in!
Listening to one of the firefighers talk.
After they finished talking and asking the children questions, one of the firefighters got all dressed up for us in his fire gear.  The little ones weren’t quite sure what to expect! :)
Once he was all dressed, the children were allowed to touch him, his equipment, and everything!  They wanted to make sure that the children were not scared of them in case they happen to get a call to their home.
Matthew never came up and touched them at all.  He stayed at a distance and watched! :)
After the children had their full contact they were allowed to enter the firetruck!
Lining up!
Once they finished touring the back of the truck, another kind firefighter put them up in the drivers seat. 
When everyone had gotten their fill of the truck, firefighters, equipment, etc. they stood outside for a group-children picture!
Everyone then rushed into their warm cars and the party was officially over.
Before we left, Matthew was allowed to go and sit in the fire truck some more as the special birthday boy!
The firefighter that was with him allowed him to turn the siren on and everything!  I think he got a little scared but it was still neat hearing it up close like that!
Mrs. Beninghove and Micah were both nearby when the siren went off.  Micah got scared and laid his head on his Mama! :)
In the bay.
We stayed and talked to the firefighter some more before leaving.  Maddie, Matthew’s sister, was sitting on the fire truck as we all listened…
Some details of the firetrucks:
And the fire station:
So that ended Matthew’s 3rd birthday party!  Before I close up this post, I want to give you my favorite picture of Matthew from the day:
Delighting in Jesus,

Kimber :)

P.S.  – Just for the record, I took 395 pictures at his party (not counting the deleted!)