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The Blue Family 2012

I had the immense privilege of getting to photograph the beautiful Blue family last Friday night!!  What made this photo shoot even more special was that I did their family photos last year as well!!  I was so excited that they would entrust me with their photos again!! It also made me nervous because I couldn’t rely on the same poses I do for families…I had to be creative and come up with something that would be different than their pictures last year (I hope I achieved that….).
But onto the family!  I love photographing the Blues because they’re fun, genuine, and you can just tell they all love each other.  (It doesn’t hurt that they’re one gorgeous family too! :)  They are an absolute joy to photograph.
We took these pictures at the house they’re currently living in.  They’re getting ready to move and wanted to take pictures at this house on the lake to remember their time there.
 Loved the lake!!
I hope these pictures adequately portray how fun, beautiful, loving, and wonderful this family is!  Enjoy!

The three Blue girls!  (Aren’t they beautiful?!)

All the Blue children…left to right:  Lily, Kendall, Trinity, Micah

This is my favorite picture of Trinity. :)

 Can you tell that I had a hard time narrowing down pictures? :)
 Love her big blue eyes!

While I was taking pictures with the youngest, the rest of the family was playing ball together. :)

Last year Trinity did not like having me take her picture…at all.  This year was the total opposite!
 Love these two photos!

 Daddy and his boy. :)

Mama and the girls.
Lily loved having Trinity push her. :)
 Ahh!!  Their kids are so beautiful!!

Nothin’ like climbing a tree! :)

I have no idea what Mrs. Blue was doing to get them to smile, but obviously it was very funny! :)

Watching some geese pass by on the lake.

Lily on the move. :)

This is where Mrs. Blue reads her devotions in the morning…so pretty and peaceful!

Rain, the Blue’s poodle, came outside for a little bit during the photo shoot.

 So cute. :)

There you have the Blue family!  Aren’t they great?
P.S. – I really did try to narrow down the pictures but there were so many good ones I couldn’t help myself.  Blue family, you have 238 pictures coming your way soon! :)

The Blue Family

Last Saturday I had the privilege of photographing the Blue family!  They are such a fun, sweet family and for a few months I’ve wanted (secretly ;) to take pictures of them. Mr. and Mrs. Blue’s love for each other is so sweet and inspiring, and the children are so happy!  Conclusion:  they’re a gorgeous and just-plain-wonderful family! :)

See what I mean?  
(Miss Trinity (middle) wasn’t too excited about pictures at first, but I’ve got some happy pictures coming up! :)
Kendall is the oldest child of the family.  She was very willing to go wherever I wanted her to go for pictures and has a beautiful smile!

Lovin’ on Daddy…
Micah is the oldest boy and a little shy but very sweet too!

I think the below photo is one of the sweetest Father-Son pictures ever!  I just love how Micah has his hands around his Daddy’s neck…you can just feel the love and trust emanating!
Trinity (the second girl) wasn’t excited about standing for pictures…at first.  She warmed up as soon as she could go play, but I thought that even her “not so happy” faces were adorable!

 Kendall came over as we were attempting to get Trinity to smile, and helped us out a little bit!  I thought this series of photos were too cute not to post! :)

…and then not so happy…
Once we were finished with “posed” pictures Trinity really warmed up and started smiling like crazy.  I have to admit, I think the 0-4 age range is one of my favorite ages to capture!!


I love the way Trinity walks.  She looks like a little princess:  hands held behind her back, walking slow and careful…it’s absolutely adorable!
Now I’ll introduce you to Miss Lily, the youngest member of the family, and such a cutie-pie!

Getting some love from Mama…so sweet!!
Isn’t she precious??!!
At the beginning of the photo session, Mr. Blue said to Mrs. Blue, “Want me to pick you up like I did on our wedding day?”  Mrs. Blue was a little hesitant, so we didn’t take the pictures then, but at the end of the session Mr. Blue offered again and Mrs. Blue agreed!  I was so happy!! 

Aren’t they so sweet?!!!  I could go on and on about them!
Love, love!!
One last picture of this beautiful family, before I end:

Mr. and Mrs. Blue, the way you love on your children is so real and so beautiful.  Mrs. Blue, the way you respect and love your husband is just plain amazing.  Mr. Blue, the way you shepherd your family is a joy to watch.  You all are such a blessing to me and my family!
Thank you so much, Blue family, for letting me capture you guys!!

Love in Christ,
Kimber :)

Kendall Blue’s 7th Birthday Party

About a month or so ago, I went with my family to celebrate Kendall’s 7th birthday party.  I was taking pictures for them, so we had to try and get there on time! :)
Thankfully we did and we all had a wonderful time celebrating Kendall’s birthday!
It was such a beautiful day outside (it got warmer as the day went on) that most of the time, the children were outside playing.
Trinity, Kendall’s sister.
(You may recognize some of the children from previous birthday party posts! )
After almost everyone had arrived, the children played tag.
Lydia and Eden (my sisters! :)
Kendall playing tag.
After lots of running around, we went in for some snacks!
The animal plates were loved by all the children! :)
Some of the children ate outside and some inside!
Toddlers are so cute! :)
After they were sufficiently satisfied, they went back to playing some more!
Micah, Kendall’s brother.
They soon set up games to play and the sack race was played first.
Then they had foot races…
…and soccer races!
Soon it was time for cupcakes!
Lighting the candles.
Mrs. Blue kept trying to light the candles but the soft spring wind kept blowing it out!  Finally they were all lit and we sang happy birthday.
Blowing out the candles.
Two Mamas talking.
After cupcakes Kendall opened her presents!
All the kids crowding around Kendall to see what she got! :)
Adorable little Trinity
As we were getting ready to leave, Kendall came down the stairs with Eden (my sister) and Sarah (a friend) all dressed up in princessy attire.
Micah and Maddie were playing a chess game around the corner.
We left almost 3 hours after arriving.  We had such a wonderful time, but before I close the post here is one more picture of Trinity, Kendall’s sister:
Delighting in Jesus,
Kimber :)