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The Hintz Family!

Fun.  Kind.  Beautiful.  Those are my 3 words for the Hintz family I had the privilege of photographing this past Thursday!  

We had previously planned to take pictures on Friday but the Lord worked it out so that we went on Thursday!  I was so glad we did because the weather was gorgeous and we had lots of fun together!  The Lord answered so many of my prayers!  (I pray before every photo shoot!)

Praise #1.  We had fun and the weather was beautiful!
Praise #2.  I shot with a prime (a.k.a. fixed) lens for the first time!  I loved shooting with my 50mm 1.8!
Praise #3.  I focused manually the whole photo shoot!!!  I’ve never shot (photographer’s term for “photographed” :) anyone manually (other than my family members), so this was a big leap for me!  

But, I know you’re waiting to see the pictures of this lovely family…so here they are!!
I’ll start with the youngest member:  Miss Leah.
Leah was probably the most active member of the family!

Fun  with Mama!

If you live around Richmond, then you probably know where we took pictures!  Yes, it’s Maymont!

Michael is the “middle child” and quite a sweetie!  As we were finishing up our photo shoot, and on our way to the animals, he gave me a little plucked buttercup!  So sweet! :)

Rachel is the oldest child and full of energy!  She told me about how she wants to become an author one day and the various things she’s interested in.  It was so fun getting to know her, and her family, better!

 All three children!  Aren’t they beautiful?

Mrs. Hintz and her little ones!

After some photos in the Italian Garden we walked over to the Mansion and soon Mr. Hintz joined us for some family photos!

Daddy with his oldest daughter.
 Hugs!  (I love them!)

I love these photos!!!
Beautiful, Rachel!

So handsome, Michael!

Leah found some dandelions and loved holding onto them!

The sweet couple!

The whole, beautiful family!!

Thank you, Hintz family, with entrusting me to capture your family!  You all were such a delight to photograph and made my job so easy! :)

Kimber :)