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The Milletary Family

A week or so before Christmas, a friend at church contacted me to see if I could take pictures of their family when everyone was together at Christmas time.

Excited about the opportunity, I said “yes”!  Here are some of the pictures from the day:

The Williams family!
The Allens!
The Roper Family!
 Mr. and Mrs. Milletary with all of their grandchildren!
 The Milletary’s with their daughters and son-in-laws.
The girl grandkids.

The boy grandkids.
 Azriel (above) and Titus (below) peeping through the window!
 The entire family!
After we finished taking photos of the whole family, the grandkids got to play in the yard for a little bit!  It was freezing cold outside and the wind was blowing really strong, but they endured it well! 

Trinity (left)
Emma (right).

 Like I said, the wind was blowing really strong! :)

Once everyone had gone inside, I took a few “couple portraits” out on the porch.

Mr. and Mrs. Milletary.

 Mr. and Mrs. Williams (I love the above photo!!!).

Mr. and Mrs. Roper!  (The photo on the left is another favorite!)

Some more photos of the cute grandkids! :)


Azriel and Carter are the same age, so we had to get pictures of them together! :)
So there you have the beautiful Milletary family!!
This past Sunday I took some pictures of a precious newborn and his family so I’ll hopefully be posting those photos sometime soon!  And maybe one day I’ll post some pictures from the wedding I photographed last October…yeah, I have a tendency to procrastinate sometimes! :)