I’ve known Ashlee for as long as I can remember.  Years ago we went to the same church.  Ashlee’s mom would come over (with Ashlee and her sister, Sam) and babysit us wee Wasses when my parents needed some “alone time”. :)  Ashlee always made everything fun and was so incredibly sweet!  I went to Sunday School class with Chris’ brother and so I knew Chris just from sightings in and around church.  Chris and Ashlee started dating while together in youth group at HEFC (our church at the time) and, 7 years later, they’re engaged and tying the knot in October!!!

We got together twice over the past week to get their engagement pictures done at Maymont.  We were half-way through the first photo shoot when the wind picked up and the rain started pouring! So, we decided to get back together, two days later, to finish off the pictures.  I’m so glad we did for the weather was perfect, Maymont wasn’t full of people, and the flowers in the Italian Garden seemed to be at their peak!

Enjoy my favorites!

2016-05-19_0003 2016-05-19_0001 2016-05-19_0004 2016-05-19_0002 2016-05-19_0007 2016-05-19_0005 2016-05-19_0006

Aren’t they just the cutest?!?!?

2016-05-19_0012 2016-05-19_0008 2016-05-19_0010 2016-05-19_0011 2016-05-19_0009 2016-05-19_0014 2016-05-19_0015 2016-05-19_0017 2016-05-19_0020 2016-05-19_0016 2016-05-19_0019 2016-05-19_0013

Ashlee’s ring is g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s!!

2016-05-19_0021 2016-05-19_0025 2016-05-19_0022 2016-05-19_0026 2016-05-19_0023 2016-05-19_0032 2016-05-19_0018 2016-05-19_0024 2016-05-19_0030


2016-05-19_0027 2016-05-19_0029

Kimber :)

4 thoughts on “Engaged: Chris & Ashlee

  1. Shelia Glass

    LOVE these! I cried looking at these, guess I need waterproof makeup for the wedding!! You did an amazing job, as always, Kimber! HUGS
    Mrs. Glass

  2. Ashlee Blakeley

    KIMBER!! These are so gorgeous! You did such an amazing job! Thank you soooo much! I cannot wait to see the rest!

  3. Alicia Reynolds

    Kimber you did a wonderful job, it made me cry. Thank you so much
    I want to get you to do our family pictures.

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