As of my uncle’s wedding this past Thursday, I gained a new cousin!!  The few times I have met Jessica she has been nothing but sweet and kind.  She recently got engaged to her boyfriend of many years, Owen, in Paris, France (how romantic, right?!).

I met Owen last week while we were at the beach getting prepared for my uncle’s wedding.  We rode the waves and talked camera stuff, as he has done quite a bit with his camera and enjoys photography himself.  We then arranged to do engagement pictures at Jockey’s Ridge Wednesday evening right before sunset.  It was a beautiful evening and my first time visiting there (it’s amazing and if you’ve never been you have to go!).  From the minute I started photographing Jessica and Owen they were completely relaxed, cooperative, and fun.  These two were a dream to photograph!!  As we were walking back to our families after taking engagement photos, Owen asked if my siblings and I would like to do devotions with him and Jessica.  At first, I was completely surprised at the question and then, as his question sank in, I was completely overwhelmed.  How blessed I am to gain a new cousin and her fiancee who had such a heart for God that one of the first things they wanted to do with us was Bible study!  Yep, they’re pretty great and I can’t wait for their wedding next year!! :)

Enjoy their engagement photos!

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