My “Style”

So, I’m sitting here wondering what in the world this post is going to be about!  Earlier this week, I thought I would be posting engagement pictures, but the shoot was rescheduled for this coming Wednesday, so I have no new photos to share (they’ll hopefully be on here next week, though!).

That being said, I’ve decided to share some of my all-time favorite pictures and talk about “my style”.  I’m still figuring out what I do and don’t like as far as photography goes but I think I’m starting to realize what I love.

First of all, I love color!
I love bright colors…
…and more muted colors.
But I love colors nonetheless!
I also happen to love black and white…sometimes it just fits a picture so much better than color!  I think that black and white pictures convey more emotion than color.  Here are some of my favorite black and white pictures:

When I’m editing photos, I have the hardest time figuring out whether or not a picture should be black & white or color!  I’ll switch a picture to b&w and then back to color at least 3 times before I can make a decision!
I’m finding out that my favorite pictures are the ones with the most contrast in them, as well…I like a dark background with a light subject (or vice versa).  It just makes the pictures grab your eye!

 I think my love for contrasty pictures is also why I love silhouettes:

The little moments are another thing that I love to capture:

I definitely am not a fan of family formals, for instance.  It’s so boring and everyone just wants to get to the reception to eat and congratulate the new couple!  Who wants to stand in a group and smile for 20 minutes straight?  I definitely like to keep family formals during weddings limited (but I will do whatever the couple wants)!  I’d rather snoop around and catch surprise moments than force someone to stand and “say cheese!”.  Maybe it’s my tendency to be shy but I love the moments that come spontaneously…those are a whole lot better than something that’s been forced (in my opinion)!!
That’s another reason why I like spur-of-the-moment pictures, like these below (I didn’t suggest any of these!):


So, there you have a quick overview of what I like…and hopefully you have a better idea of my photography “style”!
Have a great weekend!
Kimber :)

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