Sweet, little Hadasash Rae Jackson was born in my family’s house in the very room I sleep in!  Now some of you may be weirded out by that but I see it more as a privilege…a new life was brought into this world in the very place I call “home”.  How neat is that?!  (Granted we don’t open our home for random strangers to come and have their babies…this was for our friends, the Jacksons, whom we love and have known for a few years now. :)

This was the 4th birth I’ve been in the room for and the second birth (outside of family) that I’ve captured through my lens.  For many reasons I don’t usually post any photos from these shoots.  But I was privileged enough to be able to do Hadassah’s newborn photos a little while later and I can share those!  Hadassah was 3 weeks old for these pictures but I didn’t have time to do her newborn pics before I took Hadassah’s sister, Gabrielle, with me to SC to campaign for Ted Cruz.  When we got back, though, we made the best of the time we had and I really loved photographing this sweetheart!  She was wide awake for most of her photo shoot and it took a little bit of time before she fell asleep and we could capture those “peacefully-sleeping-newborn” photos everyone likes.

Enjoy my favorites of this cutie!

2016-03-03_0001 2016-03-03_0005 2016-03-03_0004 2016-03-03_0003 2016-03-03_0002 2016-03-03_0010 2016-03-03_0008

Hadassah’s pink tutu was so cute!!

2016-03-03_0012 2016-03-03_0009 2016-03-03_0011 2016-03-03_0014 2016-03-03_0015 2016-03-03_0013

Kimber :)

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