I don’t know how many of you remember Nick and Becca…they were the second couple to approach me and ask me to shoot their wedding. I said yes and it’s been fun getting to know them a little more over the years.  Nick found out one day (when he was over at our house tiling) that I like Civil War history.  He asked me if I’d ever been at Gettysburg and I said no.  Then he said that we’d have to make a road trip up there soon (he had been there a few times because of family that live nearby).  A few days, maybe a week later, he asked me to go somewhere “out of state” with him and Becca to take some Christmas pics for them.  I eventually guessed the “out of state” place was Gettysburg and I looked forward to the day for weeks!  You’re probably wondering why in the world I like Civil War history…I really don’t know.  I just love History (especially info involving wars) and, since I live in VA, which is, like, the center of Civil War history, everything just seems more real to me than, say, World War II.

Anywho, I wanted to share some pictures I took from Gettysburg…as well as some of Nick and Becca!


2012-12-18_001This was the Pennsylvania memorial.  Amazing!




This was the view from the top of the Pennsylvania Memorial! It was amazing! If it wasn’t foggy I’m sure I would’ve been able to see for miles.


My sister, Lexi, and I! My hair is way crazy!


There were real cannons ALL. OVER. Gettysburg. The majority were black but some were teal-colored. :)


This was part of the Minnesota memorial. We thought it was funny that a little bird landed on the end of the statue’s bayonet. :)



Guys these are rocks…massive rocks!


Nick found practically every crack to squeeze through!


Yep, they’re cute. :)


These rocks Lexi, Nick, and Becca are behind was a CSA sharpshooter’s hideout.


This rock was so smooth and looked sort of like a couch, so Lexi and I tried it out! :)


I was climbing on some rocks (left pic) and found a heart-shaped rock (right pic). Lexi managed to get the camera to me so I could get a picture. :)

2012-12-18_010 2012-12-18_011 2012-12-18_016 2012-12-18_017 2012-12-18_019 2012-12-18_020 2012-12-18_021 2012-12-18_022 2012-12-18_023 2012-12-18_024 2012-12-18_025 2012-12-18_026



VA memorial.

I have so much I want to tell you about Gettysburg, but I’d probably just confuse you.  SOO, you need to go to Gettysburg and hire Nick to be your guide…he was great! :)

One week til Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kimber :)

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