Most of my family photography shoots happen to be repeat customers.  I absolutely love this.  I feel like I’m the family historian, in a way, as I get to capture the changes in those families via time and new members!

I’ve photographed the Grim family for three years in a row.  The first time was for their firsborn son’s newborn photos, the second for family pictures, and this time for family photos with sweet, 2 month old Lydia!  Each time we try to organize photo shoots together something happens.  The first time my camera was in the shop with repairs, the second time my camera literally stopped taking pictures the night before, and this time Hurricane Matthew happened the night we were supposed to get together!  Let’s just say the Grims are the most patient and understanding family I’ve ever worked with. :)  I’m grateful they continue to entrust me with their family pictures and hope these photos make all their efforts worth it!

2016-10-15_0001 2016-10-15_0004 2016-10-15_0005 2016-10-15_0007 2016-10-15_0002 2016-10-15_0003 2016-10-15_0008 2016-10-15_0006 2016-10-15_0018 2016-10-15_0009 2016-10-15_0015 2016-10-15_0010 2016-10-15_0012 2016-10-15_0014 2016-10-15_0013 2016-10-15_0017 2016-10-15_0011 2016-10-15_0019 2016-10-15_0021 2016-10-15_0023 2016-10-15_0022 2016-10-15_0024



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