Todd and Samantha braved the extremely chilly weather last Saturday for this engagement session.  And, wow, were they awesome!

They got everything I said quickly and they posed perfectly and beautifully. Not only that but their model faces were amazing (as you will soon see :)!!

Enjoy a look at Todd and Samantha….and Todd’s little girl, Chloe.

This was the first thing I told them to do...they were pros from the beginning  :)

This was the first thing I told them to do…they were pros from the beginning :)

2013-03-06_002 2013-03-06_003 2013-03-06_004 2013-03-06_005

Wow, guys, really?!!

Wow, guys, really?!!


Chloe with her Daddy.

Chloe with her Daddy.


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2013-03-06_024 2013-03-06_025


Chloe is just too cute. :)


LOVE her ring!




Kimber :)





























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