Fun Facts About Me

I love Jesus Christ.  He is my everything, my all, and the One who deserves any glory for anything good that comes out of my photography (and my life, in general!).  I believe He has given me the gift of photography, and so I try and use that gift to bring Him glory.   That’s why I called my business “Photography for Jesus”.  Because it really isn’t “my business”.  It belongs to the Lord and as soon as He calls me to do something different, hopefully, I will be there. :)


My family is the best.  Ever.  I have two godly parents, 4 fun brothers and 5 lovely sisters.  My sister was married in April to Dylan, my wonderful brother-in-law and I’ll be an Aunt in Jan. 2015! I wouldn’t have my family any other way…the more the merrier!







I was home schooled my whole life and graduated in 2012 with my older sister, Hannah.  (That’s her with the brown, curly hair.  I’m behind her!)  I loved being home schooled!





Horses are my favorite animals. Nothing else even comes close…at all.  I did dressage at a barn nearby in 2013, and then I spent about a year doing Natural Horsemanship (particularly Pat Parelli’s) with a ministry called Beautiful Brokenness.  The ministry uses horses to teach girs about Jesus and His love for them.  It’s challenging but I love it and all the people at the barn…they have such hearts for Jesus.

In the photo I’m riding Pigpony at my first dressage show last year.  :)






I have two rose plants because I absolutely love roses!!  Flowers are the best. :)  One day I’m going to help Daddy redesign our yard.  I already know I want crepe myrtles and hydrangeas. :)







I love my cowgirl boots.







I love baking desserts and, quite honestly, sweet stuff is my weak spot.  I have to stay far away from the snack aisle when I go in a store because it is a huge temptation to just buy one!  Ice cream, chocolate, cookies, cakes, brownies, pies…I love them all (just omit the nuts and coconut please :).





I am, heart and soul, a country girl.   Give me a wide open field over a city anywhere, anytime, any day.


One country song that almost always makes me cry:  I Held Her First by Heartland.





I love History, especially military history.  Currently the Civil War is my favorite historical time.  I have a 28 book set on the Civil War and I’ve visited Gettysburg and Manassas/Bull Run Battlefield.  One day I’d love to visit Chancellorsville, Antietam, Spotsylvania, The Wilderness, and any other Civil War battlefields nearby (Cold Harbor, Totopotomy, etc.).

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